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My overall impression is that the quality of RM Williams has gone down considerably over the last few years. Every comfort edition pair I've seen has had the same issue with the sole splitting off in the front after some time. Spoke to my cobbler about and to him it was a well-known problem.
No one who has a suggestion?
Hi Charlie, I'm in need of a dark brown belt and thinking about the Australian nut . Would that color be able to use together with a pair of semi-dark brown shoes but with hints of burgundy? The color is truly difficult to "narrow" down. No exact science but a definitive no? Best is a favorite of mine. Not based in the US but great service and very fast shipping.
Where can you get hold of shoes from Demeter & Halmos? Over the internet?
As someone who tried every single pair in a glove shop without success, I've to give it a try. Thanks for the tip! Feels a bit absurd thinking about gloves when the warmth just reached us though.. :-)
Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho Something we don't see here often, F last penny loafer in dark brown shell. I wear them in the same size as my Vass oxfords and fit is very nice. Beautiful shoes, Kolecho. Is there a big difference between the New Peter last and the F last fit wise? I've a pair of penny loafers on the New Peter last and they look very similar in the pictures.
Damn, those F monks were the last thing I needed to see.. It's an amazing last.
Yes, it is. Great price... I keep telling myself that I don't need any more boots!
What kind of orange is it? Picture?
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