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wondering this-- if anyone does, please pm me.
everywhere but the us got the biker mens jacket -_-
these don't fall off you?
these were worn a few times by previous owner. only once indoors by myself for a few minutes. quality's 9/10, small scuff on one pocket, no fading or anything besides that. unwashed, unhemmed.
I have these, different than the "washed black" I think. they are labeled as "jeans" but they aren't denim, just like jean-cut chinos. they are pretty dark, probably a shade lighter than my black jeans. fwiw I like them, just sized wrong.
anyone know if any UU short sleeve light cotton tees are still in stock in S?
ah thanks. dior 19cm kinda looked like it sat lower.
what has a lower rise, apc ps or dior 19cm?
these are brand new and unaltered, still with the tags on. I tried them on once indoors and decided they're too big. material is 100% cotton. they're lightweight, more like a jean-cut chino than anything. fits true to size. waist is 15", can provide other measurements on request. also can take fit pics if needed. smoke free / pet free home. from this past spring's collection. $95 shipped. price drop: $90 shipped!
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