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those poor apcs will never see a break again
sub 200 black bomber, something like the RO turbo flight
that's weird, I don't think I like it in suede at all. fits you nicely from what I can see though.
something tells me he's seen toj.
thanks man. yeah wish it wasn't a blend. :/
I almost bought that but it was already pilling in the store, wish I did anyway if it lasted you til now ;/I think a few more colors popped up on this, kinda like the blue
will this definitely come to the US/UK?
sleeves are pretty long, didn't fit me and I've got lanky arms. (in small). didn't like the collar in person either.
yeah I didn't see them either but I think a true black exists and those are the "dark grey," maybe not though.edit: nvm pic is s/s not f/w (pic i posted, took down the link though noctone)
those are the dark grey I think
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