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you can mail them it back, go to the site and look for returns, or customer service -- they emailed me a return slip and called me to verify my credit card when they got it.
would an S fit me in the slim fit oxford? 5'9'' ~35.5 chest, 145 lbs ~16.5 shoulders usually or should i wait for xs? small in efm sweaters/t shirts if that helps, xs in blazers
are the neck opening small on the merino crewnecks?
looking for +J items in size xs/s and 29/30 pants.
saying you're "too nice" and therefore single is basically saying that all girls only go for shitty men/or should sleep with you simply because you're "nice" to them which is petty, if naive, generalizing/objectifying(?) and kinda makes you seem douchey coincidentally.
curious if any smalls size up to M on the EFM cardi? I am an XS in the oxfords but the S efm cardi pulls a little, guessing the M would be too big in the shoulders though
long cardigan from COS in size small (tts), color is a really nice dark green, good layering piece fine blend of 49% wool / 17% alpaca / 34% polyamide 50 usd shipped
thanks guys. yeah I was thinking about using it as a winter jacket with layers, but since they don't restock I don't think I could get my hands on it, plus it's probably too lightweight/and maybe not worth the price proxied to america.
does COS restock at all? any chance of the wool hood coat coming back/or of it being in-store? also is it warm? I remember a fit pic a week ago by I think conceptionist where it looked kinda light.
maybe this:
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