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anyone see any of the floral shirts in store and like them? kinda interesting but can't tell which i'd buy from the site also is the blue/white button dotted shirt in any nyc store?
looking for one in black, will consider other colors if the price is good.
there's one L in dark grey atmalso I heard on another site that the new stock of regular oxfords is replacing both shirts and pretty much matches the measurements of the slims (not via size chart)
anyone have the uu long cardi? wondering if a S is too big for me-- wear an S in merino cardis
you can mail them it back, go to the site and look for returns, or customer service -- they emailed me a return slip and called me to verify my credit card when they got it.
would an S fit me in the slim fit oxford? 5'9'' ~35.5 chest, 145 lbs ~16.5 shoulders usually or should i wait for xs? small in efm sweaters/t shirts if that helps, xs in blazers
are the neck opening small on the merino crewnecks?
looking for +J items in size xs/s and 29/30 pants.
saying you're "too nice" and therefore single is basically saying that all girls only go for shitty men/or should sleep with you simply because you're "nice" to them which is petty, if naive, generalizing/objectifying(?) and kinda makes you seem douchey coincidentally.
curious if any smalls size up to M on the EFM cardi? I am an XS in the oxfords but the S efm cardi pulls a little, guessing the M would be too big in the shoulders though
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