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the feel is pretty good, not itchy or anything. they're long and have a nice wide neck opening.
looking for 995s that fit a US9, pm me.
worn only a few times, great condition. pm any questions.
got the same, fit is great but the collar is annoyingly floppy. wondering if a wash will help.
also have a white one, $55 for both. gonna just return these by next week if I don't get any interest so act fast.
really hope they restock the long sleeve printed shirts.. anyone know if there is any stock left of the nicer floral and polka dotted ones in nyc or nj?
ah thanks, would of thought that you'd be a medium at least in the slims. looking at these linen shirts, probably gonna try XS.
can someone give me quick sizing advice re: shirts, ~35" chest should i go XS or S in slim ocbds / XS or S in linen shirts / and XS or S in short sleeve pattern bds? do the oxford collars run true to measurements?
if the small ervell doesnt work out or you got them at a nice price somewhere lmk
from last f/w. pm me with a price if you can.
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