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how does the static sweater run size wise?
i'm wondering if the listed length of 60cm is really accurate for a medium? seems incredibly short, was gonna order it until I saw that.
anyone know if Totokaelo MAN drops further?
new t000s: 29s fit well but not if they stretch a full size, should i size down?
odd, the pictures are down right now. but yeah i think it could, maybe like this but obviously with a different silhouette below. guidi 992s or? i think a derby would be best, or low sneakers. what's your jacket?edit: if anyone knows their local store has an xs or s in the jersey bomber jacket in black i'd be willing to pay a fee for grabbing it for me
did you buy them or just speculating?looking for a proxy to the US if anyone is available
looking for this in black, pm me condition/price please.
where can i try on achilles in soho (ny)?
can someone rec me a good product for mid-length hair? want something to add some texture on top with decent hold, but wont make it hard.
looking for lows in 41, pm me prices. prefer excellent to "good" condition depending on price. also interested in black/white sole model.
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