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siki im
can you throw up some measurements? and how tall are you
anything specific i should tell someone to do sending me something ~$250 of value overseas to avoid customs? UK>USA
thanks, now to find a small somewhere. do you have the navy?
how does the static sweater run size wise?
i'm wondering if the listed length of 60cm is really accurate for a medium? seems incredibly short, was gonna order it until I saw that.
anyone know if Totokaelo MAN drops further?
new t000s: 29s fit well but not if they stretch a full size, should i size down?
odd, the pictures are down right now. but yeah i think it could, maybe like this but obviously with a different silhouette below. guidi 992s or? i think a derby would be best, or low sneakers. what's your jacket?edit: if anyone knows their local store has an xs or s in the jersey bomber jacket in black i'd be willing to pay a fee for grabbing it for me
did you buy them or just speculating?looking for a proxy to the US if anyone is available
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