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can anyone comment on the rib knit hat? how big is it? don't like tight beanies at all
people with the overdyed black mij petit standards, how did you size them?
condition is 9-9.5/10 ***pics uploaded*** pm me for fastest response
anyone see these in store yet? (nyc) not at the soho location as of last week
pm me.
jil x church's or just wait for some raf?
late pass, but keep them on for sure.what size are you in the jacket? you're my height and i just want to know what size to be on the lookout for.
i feel like they won't restock linen at this point. bookmark it though sometimes returns will popup. fwiw i like the fit myself, i'm xs in oxfords and the xs is perfect for me, not a huge fan of the collar shape though. they are a bit scratchy too for sure.http://www.uniqlo.com/us/store/lifewear/men-skinny-fit-chino-flat-front-pants/078952-32-033?ref=mens-clothing%2Fmens-bottoms%2Fmens-pantsthese seem interesting, been looking for tapered chinos like this in black. wonder...
easily the best proxy service you could ask for. professional and responsive. will definitely be my go to for any further COS purchases!
sounds really good. is the cotton lightweight? do you think the hem is under 18 cm?huge thanks to rirawin, best proxy you could ask for! the textured jersey tees are great. perfect summer tee for me, glad i got a few colors.
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