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i'd guess that your sunscreen is physical (has zinc oxide) if it's leaving a mark like that. you could try a chemical sunscreen (lots of moisturizers with spf have them), just check what the active ingredients are.if it's the chemical ones leaving the mark, maybe try and find a physical kind.ah man you should maybe think about daily sunscreen for your face, spf 30+, helps with skin damage immensely.
when's ssense sales usually begin?
anyone checking out the apc sale in brooklyn? wondering if it's worth stopping by
looking for this jacket in XS or S. I forget which season it is tbh. also any sizing info would be cool (if you own/have owned), I'm an S in pocket sweaters. please PM me, I don't check posts often.
not a hole, just lint. really odd as the sweater doesnt attract lint at all. i should really post a better pic, maybe today.
I got this black jersey bomber in S and would really prefer an M. long shot, but if anyone wants to swap let me know. can post measurements ** also taking offers on the size small in $, basically 9/10 condition BIN is $90**
100% wool, grey sweater by APC. really nice, size is M, fits somewhat slim. s2s: ~16" chest: ~19" length: ~26.5" great piece, with a nice subtle pattern. a bit big on me or I'd keep it. 6$ shipping
what's that tee? looks good
looking for relatively new apc ps in 28 with no washes or alteration.
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