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weird never heard of a shoe repair asking for money upfronti'll scope it out though thank youis there a thread for tailors/cobblers anywhere on this forum (mc section?) btw? it could be cool to have people list their favorites and make a master list per city
does anyone know a good cobbler in philly? nothing major just replacing the topy on my sidezips
pm me for fastest reply.
anyone have these black petit standard? wondering how to size and if they are close to true black irl.
anyone have any Hope alias tees? how's the sizing/quality?
i did, after a week or 2 it's not too bad. i still get cravings though. lots of dreams of espresso. looking at instagrammed lattes is a bit like porn for me.green tea is a good transition method.
will consider gats in 42 in: white/grey painted paper painted linen creme etc thanks! pm me for fastest reply.
pretty open with color and material, pm me with what you have. I'm a size S in alpaca pocket sweaters for reference.
i'd guess that your sunscreen is physical (has zinc oxide) if it's leaving a mark like that. you could try a chemical sunscreen (lots of moisturizers with spf have them), just check what the active ingredients are.if it's the chemical ones leaving the mark, maybe try and find a physical kind.ah man you should maybe think about daily sunscreen for your face, spf 30+, helps with skin damage immensely.
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