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Yep. I received the suit. Not sure why the listing is still open (unless there is another, identical suit being sold)
I purchased this a month ago, but it has not yet been shipped. Not sure why it is still "open." Seller has been impossible to track down. Just a heads up to anyone looking
Hey. Could you post the measurements for the jacket? Thanks!!
As the title says, I've been on the lookout for a 50R (EU) Boglioli Coat Jacket in Napoli blue. Seems Yoox was selling some recently, but they're sold out at the moment. Shipping to Washington, DC would be ideal but NYC would also work if that's more convenient. I realize the asking price is low and am willing to spend more. Thanks!
Finally, there's an additional 1.25 inches of fabric behind the cuff to let the sleeves out
There is room to let the sleeves in/out although it may be a more involved process because of the faux button holes stitched into the sleeve. I assume a tailor can remove the stitching and hope that isn't a deal-breaker. Also, I've included a couple of additional pictures for clarity
Yep. I got 22.75 inches measuring from the top of the sleeve at the shoulder seam to the middle of the end of the sleeve. The original listing of 27.5 inches was just a typo. Overall, the jacket is on the smaller end for a 52R. For example, the width across the shoulders of a 50R Boglioli Unstructured Cotton-Canvas Blazer is 18.5 inches, which is the same as this jacket is. Obviously, different companies have different cuts but just wanted to put it out there...
Lubiam (Luigi Bianchi Mantova) spring/summer sport coat in white with blue checks Price Drop: $450 --> $400 --> $375 --> $325 or best offer This is a 52R EUR (42R US) drop 6 sport coat made of 100% cotton. It is amazingly light and perfect for spring/summer wear. Classic Neapolitan unstructured sport coat with all the details - unlined besides the sleeves 3/2 roll 2 hip patch pockets barchetta white elbow patches spalla camicia kissing buttons...
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