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Just bought a pair of the meermin snuff suede chelseas on the hiro last. One thing I was concerned with was the sizing around the ankles, I'm looking for a chelsea boot that has a thinner ankle opening so it can completely fit under slimmer jeans properly. Can anyone that owns a pair comment on the ankle opening of the snuff suede chelseas? EDIT: and if the ankle opening happens to be too wide on these, anyone know of alternatives around the same price point? Much...
received the bracelets today, very pleased with them! will be ordering more
Looking for the Olive Colorway of the Uniqlo Mountain Parka retailed for 70$ very recently in a size L, not sure if the stores still stock it. please pm me if you have one, and name your price! thanks!
is anyone selling or willing to do a pickup of the uniqlo mountain parka in olive size L? would pay well thanks! ( : edit: its no longer being sold huh...
because the answers are all inconsistentive seen people say to size down 2 on WG's most of the time actuallyand this is the first I've heard that TTS on skinnies will be "still snug"i was under the impression that a marked 32 skinny was already a 33 waist in reality, according to blueowl and some other peoplewouldnt going TTS make it too large, + stretching
jesus way to start off with a bang 1rst post worth 4.5 gs
same question.
also interested if authenticated
2 for pm
1 for pm
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