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Looks like they just restocked some of these again. Thinking of grabbing a mustard one.
First WAYWT, still learning.
Be sure to post a fit pic with the shoulder hoody RKD! Has anyone seen the duck canvas bedford available from a UK retailer? Was hoping Bureau would get it but no such luck.
Nanamica Goretex Shawl Collar Anyone have experience with Nanamica stuff? They always seem to have interesting pieces.
The Dover Street Market site had some available last i checked. And for a decent price, too (£225 i think).
Ssense got a bunch of stuff in -
Any UK stockists with FW11 yet?
Yup, I have one of the light weight Mattalini jackets and i love it. Been getting a lot of wear lately. I only wish the sleeves were a little longer, but I'm 6'3 so that's not exactly uncommon.
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