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Ssense got a bunch of stuff in - http://www.ssense.com/men/designers/common_projects
Any UK stockists with FW11 yet?
Yup, I have one of the light weight Mattalini jackets and i love it. Been getting a lot of wear lately. I only wish the sleeves were a little longer, but I'm 6'3 so that's not exactly uncommon.
Does anyone have fit pics of the Digital Camo Rivet Chinos? Interested to see how they look.
These caught my eye in the non-baller thread. Been wearing them for a month or so, they're decent.
Saw one of those Junya blazers on eBay about a month or so ago. Wanted to cop so bad but the £400 starting bid was a little too steep for me.
The N&F SlimGuy black selvedge looks like a good option. Thanks whodini.
I'm looking for some black jeans with a similar cut and price point to APC NS. I know you can get NS in black but i'd rather try out some other brands. Any suggestions?
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