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I sent an email to the UK web store asking if they'd be restocking the black T000s, they said they are in stock and sent me the link to these: But they don't have the T000 label on the back like usual. Can anyone confirm if they are the same cut?
Somehow picked these up on eBay for £26.00. I think they are tourney highs. Anyone know what season?
That really sucks... i liked their stuff.
There are two Uniqlos on Oxford Street, iirc. The flagship and a smaller one. ^Beat me to it.
Anyone know when/where Blanc & Noir SS12 is dropping? I want these:
Crossposting from the SNS thread. Just a boring Stark fit...
Just picked up a medium Stark in charcoal. Pretty happy with the fit. I'm 6'3 and about 175, fwiw. Also have a large in navy which was a little too loose on me. Might be up on B&S soon.
So dope. What's the long jacket?
Just managed to cop a green +j cashmere cardi that popped up on the UK site. Must have been a return. It's worth keeping an eye out if you're still after anything.
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