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HR don't make boots. They're by Oak Street, a limited edition of the Camp Boot.
Have you tried emailing End and asking? I'm sure they can tell you exactly what they are.
Cool. Seems like we have the exact same measurements. Thanks for the info.
Love the whole fit conceptionist. Are those the melange wool trousers?
What's the tee? Looks cool.
I sent an email to the UK web store asking if they'd be restocking the black T000s, they said they are in stock and sent me the link to these: http://shop.uniqlo.com/uk/goods/073394 But they don't have the T000 label on the back like usual. Can anyone confirm if they are the same cut?
Somehow picked these up on eBay for £26.00. I think they are tourney highs. Anyone know what season?
That really sucks... i liked their stuff.
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