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Cool, thanks. Hopefully they'll appear on the UK site soon.
Some of the normal checked flannels have button down collars too though. For example: http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/goods/135175001Also there's another pic of the solid grey on the actual flannel page.
Noticed this guy wearing what appears to be a solid grey flannel on the UK site. Anyone know if these are sold out already or if they just haven't been put online yet? Wouldn't mind picking up a few solid colour ones instead of the usual patterns.
Useful advice, many thanks. I have a light blue shirt and a light/pastel brown tie. Maybe i'll go with that combination.
Still too informal i guess?Thanks anyway. Guess i'll get a plain formal tie.
Ok, thanks. Would this be an improvement?
Hi guys. I'm more from the streetwear side of things so naturally I have no idea what i'm doing. What do you think of this tie? Does it go with the rest? Just got it today and it's a little darker than it looked in the seller's pics.
The footage in the 99 Red Balloons video is from the movie, The End of Evengelion, which was basically a remake (or an alternative perspective) of the final two episodes.
Clarks Bushacre?
HR don't make boots. They're by Oak Street, a limited edition of the Camp Boot.
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