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Useful advice, many thanks. I have a light blue shirt and a light/pastel brown tie. Maybe i'll go with that combination.
Still too informal i guess?Thanks anyway. Guess i'll get a plain formal tie.
Ok, thanks. Would this be an improvement?
Hi guys. I'm more from the streetwear side of things so naturally I have no idea what i'm doing. What do you think of this tie? Does it go with the rest? Just got it today and it's a little darker than it looked in the seller's pics.
The footage in the 99 Red Balloons video is from the movie, The End of Evengelion, which was basically a remake (or an alternative perspective) of the final two episodes.
Clarks Bushacre?
HR don't make boots. They're by Oak Street, a limited edition of the Camp Boot.
Have you tried emailing End and asking? I'm sure they can tell you exactly what they are.
Cool. Seems like we have the exact same measurements. Thanks for the info.
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