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Anyone handled the Raglan sleeve coat? Is it worth retail? Looking for a longish wool coat and this looks pretty nice.
Thanks guys. They do indeed look short, eluther. I'm going to request a refund from the seller and see what happens.Meanwhile I have another Bedford on the way, this time in duck canvas. Hopefully i'll have better luck with it.
A question for the EG experts - I just received this grey wool herringbone bedford that i picked up on eBay and the sleeves are ridiculously short. It's a medium and the pit to cuff is 16 inches. Does that seem normal? End's measurement says 17.5 inches. Could it vary that much? I'm trying to figure out if the seller had the sleeves shortened and didn't mention it. I can't see any obvious signs but i'm no expert. I know EG is known for it's funky sizing but what do you...
Shame the quilted blazer isn't in the +J rerelease. Probably the piece I'd be most interested in. Chesterfield looks nice though. Do we know yet when that urban sweats collection is dropping?
Cool, thanks. Hopefully they'll appear on the UK site soon.
Some of the normal checked flannels have button down collars too though. For example: there's another pic of the solid grey on the actual flannel page.
Noticed this guy wearing what appears to be a solid grey flannel on the UK site. Anyone know if these are sold out already or if they just haven't been put online yet? Wouldn't mind picking up a few solid colour ones instead of the usual patterns.
Useful advice, many thanks. I have a light blue shirt and a light/pastel brown tie. Maybe i'll go with that combination.
Still too informal i guess?Thanks anyway. Guess i'll get a plain formal tie.
Ok, thanks. Would this be an improvement?
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