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hi check out for stockists... Ryan
Quote: It never fails to amaze me when hot, rich, connected young women date guys like that hump. Though I doubt they're dating (Zac is openly gay), I agree with your overall sentiment.
Quote: What is the opinion here on Gucci shoes.  The classics... in NYC everyone has 'em.  $495+ a pop. According to the Gucci website, they're $395 for the classic horsebit.  For what it's worth, I would go so far as to call them a wardrobe staple. They're an iconic style (and fun to wear irreverently as well). Ryan
Quote: Anyone else have this problem? And what other manufacturer of quality dress socks would you recommend? Hi For what it's worth, I have had the same disappointing experience with the Pantherella socks I have purchased.  I bought about five pairs, all of which have developed holes within 10 wearings or less. I was originally drawn to Pantherella because of their thin knit and wide variety of colors available, but I won't be purchasing them...
Quote: Cartier American Tank. Simple, refined, reversible black / brown. Jon. Jon, Can you post a picture of your belt? I've never actually seen a Cartier belt, and I've been curious since you mention it from time to time. Thanks. Ryan
Got my first four years ago, and my second a year after that.  Still love them both (good thing).
I had my eyebrow pierced for a while. I thought it was a fun contrast with my preppy wardrobe. I got sick of it after about six months and took it out - it was fun while it lasted, and I definitely have no regrets.
men's/women's public relations for an international sportswear retailer Ryan
Hi Mason Pearson combs are arguably the best in the world. They come in different styles depending on your hair type and range from probably $25 to $35 I would think. Any better salon or apothecary should have them. Ryan
I work in fashion PR, so pretty much anything goes. We're encouraged to express our creativity through our clothing. Since it's a denim-centric company, the only rule is that we wear denim that is our brand. P.S. the casual dress environment was a large factor in my accepting a position at the company Ryan
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