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NYT (Suzy Menkes) has more comments from Raf himself, he said his aim is a 'very modern Dior' and talked about his mid-century fascinations. [[SPOILER]] Some press images of raf/jil ss12 collections i forgot to post...[SPOILER=Warning:...
i copped navy polo and navy bomber from SW and black bomber from SP : D thanks Fumma for the info posted earlier i was gonna cop the gray sweater too but pretty sure kelvin got the last one the polo is really nice btw, SW's photo doesn't do it justice also, some new itesm over at standupcomedy
^jet I saw a different version at, but not the runway version which (I think) you wantedfor records..WWD: Dior Names Raf Simons Its Next Couturier [[SPOILER]] NYT: Dior Selects Raf Simons to Replace John Galliano [[SPOILER]]
i had a good experience at this hotel in jan. has a nice balcony by the way if you have an 3g/4g ipad with you (i.e. one that has a gps chip), you may want to check out i highly recommend an app called 'Rome 2Go'. it has a detailed map, shows your current location and has locally stored wikipedia entries for many, many places of interest in your vicinity. vastly improved my experience strolling around the city.
^ ssense has those in 40-45 via LA COLLECTIONNEUSE
mrporter, colette, aloharag all do (except they don't display it as a separate brand)
found another raf stockist: SELECT SHOP i really wish more webshops could provide photos like theirs, give a much better idea imo of how items look IRL
^i'm eying some knits too but only saw them in runway shots.and there's a varsity-style jil jacket on LN-CC that was sold out a few hours before I decided to buy it if anyone sees it in sz. 46 please let me know! [[SPOILER]] new raf drops at ssense and thecornerapparently the only online stores that carry these leather vestsbtw got these velcros from ebay the other day, hope they don't disappoint!
glad the shirts worked out i picked up quite a few myself
to people whom i proxied shirts for: all packages have been shipped. you should've received an email from usps (to your paypal email) w/ tracking no. etc. last night. lemme know if not or if there's any problem!
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