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Thanks, picked up a grey Ervell shirt for 122. Hopefully it doesn't get cancelled.
Do any webstores still have the Wings + Horns Moto Pants in Tan in size 31? I tried buying them from Roden, but after my order they emailed me saying they were sold out
Crazy prices on Geller and Junya with decent sizing left too.
Oh damn I'm going to be stopping by Boston in a few weeks and wanted to check them out. Hope they're still open when I roll through. I was already a major Thunder fan, but Westbrooks love of eyewear makes me like him even more. Dude wears Junya to press conferences.
I like the margielas a lot, but I am worried that I don't have enough swagger.
Does anyone know where I could find a good pair of black chinos? Somebody recently posted a great fit with some Odyn Vovk ones that looked nice but I can't find those or anything like them anywhere. It's actually surprising hard to find simple, well-fitting black chinos.
Other than Roden Gray and gravitypope, what webstores carry Wings + Horns sneakers? Acrimony only stocks one model, and the other sites I know that carry W+H don't have the sneakers.
I was talking about the RG sale. They had one pair of 43's under the sale section, and the code worked, so I jumped on them.
I picked up a pair of Achilles in black suede for $174. I hadn't seen them that low since the crazy corner sale on Cyber Monday.
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