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I picked up a pair of Achilles in black suede for $174. I hadn't seen them that low since the crazy corner sale on Cyber Monday.
Wish I could go. I'm travelling to SF two weeks before this, so it's a shame.
whatever123 ur a bitch and u cry when u fuck real talk
Zero for one at OC. Tried to order a BoO oxford right when the sale started but got the "we couldn't find it" email last night.
I am not casemods for anyone wondering.
I was just hoping the common projects would be at cyber monday prices again. Wishful thinking.
Is there any code for like 40% similar to the Cyber Monday sale at the corner, or are the prices just as marked?
I'm pissed I missed out on getting the W+H Sneakers for super cheap. I am in need of some baller black sneakers. Hopefully Porter has another drop on their MMMs.
It's shame that there aren't very many sizes left in anything. All the MMM sneakers are crazy cheap, but they only have them in like size 40s.
I recently got a pair of salt, and they are pretty impressive. Definitely recommend them if the price is right.
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