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Oh damn I'm going to be stopping by Boston in a few weeks and wanted to check them out. Hope they're still open when I roll through.
http://meganannwilson.com/russell-westbrooks-newfound-eyewear-obession/ I was already a major Thunder fan, but Westbrooks love of eyewear makes me like him even more. Dude wears Junya to press conferences.
I like the margielas a lot, but I am worried that I don't have enough swagger.
Does anyone know where I could find a good pair of black chinos? Somebody recently posted a great fit with some Odyn Vovk ones that looked nice but I can't find those or anything like them anywhere. It's actually surprising hard to find simple, well-fitting black chinos.
Other than Roden Gray and gravitypope, what webstores carry Wings + Horns sneakers? Acrimony only stocks one model, and the other sites I know that carry W+H don't have the sneakers.
I was talking about the RG sale. They had one pair of 43's under the sale section, and the code worked, so I jumped on them.
I picked up a pair of Achilles in black suede for $174. I hadn't seen them that low since the crazy corner sale on Cyber Monday.
Wish I could go. I'm travelling to SF two weeks before this, so it's a shame.
whatever123 ur a bitch and u cry when u fuck real talk
Zero for one at OC. Tried to order a BoO oxford right when the sale started but got the "we couldn't find it" email last night.
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