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Pretty sure I have that TB also and have no issues with wearing it with sweaters. A few flecks of wool can get left behind on it which I have to pick off but nothing major.
Now that the no-thumbs-comments killed my shtick, maybe I will start acting like a real member and do that.
Ute Ploier from Suspension Point
I've ordered from TBS four times, packages have always arrived without any duties within three days despite my being in the middle of the US.
Maybe now that the thumbs-comments are gone I can start acting like a real member and post fits. Maybe now I can contribute to discussions beyond 100-character slang-driven hidden comments. Maybe this isn't just an end, but also a new beginning. Maybe now I am free.
Yeezy til the death of me.
It looks like they adjusted the code to remove the extra 20% off. I had GATs in my cart for 219 earlier, and now they are 270.
I keep it G.O.O.D.
Hope not, because I really want a pair of the jeans in black. I bought the tan earlier this year and love them. A lot of what it is up looks great though. The shirt jacket and varsity both look nice from I can make out with the tiny pictures.
The site is really glitchy though. Some products don't have a page when you click on them, and the zoom-in doesn't really do anything.
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