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I really like Rocky, LiveLoveA$AP is one of the best mixtapes I've heard in a fat minute, but I think Joey Bada$$ is the best 90's sound out right now. His mixtape 1999 is terrific. Some songs feel straight off of Illmatic to me. Big KRIT is doing some great things right now too.
In the last five years or so in my city, Tulsa, there has a been an explosion of appreciation for design. It timed well with my budding interest in clothing which lead to a greater design interest. We have a higher end brick-and-mortar store run by a great guy that carries stuff that is more menswear-y, but I enjoy going in and talking with the owner and buying the occasional thing. Also in the same area is a store that sells various well-designed objects and general...
I'd love a thread like that. Every summer my wardrobe shrinks to almost nothing wearable, I definitely want to kop some more cropped pants or shorts this time around.
Those Mykitas
Thanks for all the thumbs and comments, guys. I'll try to find a better context for the MMMs(they aren't laceless there), but Regis and I might be the only ones who like them at all. Sorry Snow, I'm not Canadian; I picked up the KIN while travelling through Montreal. The Ute is a small, although I'm sure I could have fit into an xs with how over-sized it is. It's also extremely soft and very warm, I'll probably mostly wear it like a coat. Again, thanks for all the great...
Ute PloierKINUndercoverMMM [[SPOILER]]
I picked a pair up from La Garconne sale a few weeks ago. The waist is TTS with slim thighs.
Pretty sure I have that TB also and have no issues with wearing it with sweaters. A few flecks of wool can get left behind on it which I have to pick off but nothing major.
Now that the no-thumbs-comments killed my shtick, maybe I will start acting like a real member and do that.
Ute Ploier from Suspension Point
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