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Real talk from early July to mid August Oklahoma get nothing but 90-110 highs erryday. Silent tanks and various linens are in my future.
Hot weather just makes me want to become Regis for a few months. When the temperature goes up, my want for Margiela does too.
I figure the fourth wall fell last time, so at this point I'm not trying to preserve any mystery.
Nothing too interesting clothing-wise; my friend had a photo project and found a very cool abandoned structure, so this is one of the rare times I get photographed with an actual camera at a nice location.SALT.GBVAPCMMM [[SPOILER]]
I highly recommend the Ute knit to anyone who is interested. It's extremely cozy and even cooler in person. I personally don't like the look of the grey that much, but if you do then it's a great piece. I'm honestly pretty surprised it isn't sold out yet. Sizing for it is pretty easy; I have a small which would work for anyone from small to large.
Visiting family/vacationing in the Bay for spring break. I live in Oklahoma.
Really good. Everything about them is terrific except for the fact that they pick up hella pet hair which can really dampen my steeze
Geller flight pants, Yohji and Ervell knits, Marsell, and a bunch of Uniqlo stuff. Bay Area tryna break my bank.
I tried on a ton of stuff, probably around a dozen or so pieces, but that is only because I don't get the chance to try things on very often and I like so much of what Maas & Stacks carries that I would regret not trying on as many things as I could. I did feel kind of bad about leaving so much for the employees(who were super nice) to put back, but I bought a pair of Geller flight pants so I figure I wasn't a waste of energy.
I'm a small in just about everything and Ervell shirting fits me perfectly at a small.
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