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The store doesn't have the entire selection that the website does. For anything not in the store, they have a warehouse from which they bring in requested pieces once a day(if I recall correctly). The time I visited was at around 10:00 in the morning, and when I asked if they had a pair of pants I wanted to try on, the SA told me they didn't have it in at the store, but they could request them for that days shipment and have it in within a couple hours. I said no because I...
I'm not usually a hockey fan at all, but that finals series showed me how exciting it can be.
986s in reverse calf came in the other day I had a little extra room so I added an insole, just need to get them vibramed now.
I'm kinda disappointed it leaked, but that hasn't stopped me from listening to it four times already.
SALT frames are great. Made in Japan with interesting designs. I have the Tate in grey and love it.
Thanks for the tip on that Geller jacket; I kopped the last 46. Hopefully it fits the same as the brown one Maas & Stacks had. I actually think I might like this color more.
Geller flight pants and John Elliot U-necks every day.
^For real that and his feature on Wendy and Becky is what got me on him. So many good mixtapes out of new artists.
His voice took me some getting used to, but once I got past that I really started vibing.
I'm on a crazy mixtape kick. All I've been bumping is Indigoism, King Remembered In Time, and now the fresh Chance drop Acid Rap.
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