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^Great frame, glad you ended up getting it.
So much cheap stuff on yoox right now. I'm getting my light knit game on point.
"Has anyone ever tried to make u feel bad? Well who cares because I love you and non of its true only love and life - Lil B" - Lil B
Anyone know any good sites to buy interesting buttons? I bought some uniqlo linen shirts and want to put on something better than the plastic ones they come with. Some made of out bone, metal, etc. would be dope. I've looked around a bit but haven't been able to find anything as simple and cool as I'd like.
The TB stuff is all made by DITA. If they fit you, you should definitely get those. The leather is actually really nice, and the construction is great. I love Thom Browne eyewear; hoping to get a pair of TB-101's in Navy and Gold at some point.
Yoox linenJohn Elliot tankForme D'Expression twisted seam linen pantsGuidi [[SPOILER]]
u tryna start beef u frail come at a homie lyk dat again ill straight lay u down
The store doesn't have the entire selection that the website does. For anything not in the store, they have a warehouse from which they bring in requested pieces once a day(if I recall correctly). The time I visited was at around 10:00 in the morning, and when I asked if they had a pair of pants I wanted to try on, the SA told me they didn't have it in at the store, but they could request them for that days shipment and have it in within a couple hours. I said no because I...
I'm not usually a hockey fan at all, but that finals series showed me how exciting it can be.
986s in reverse calf came in the other day I had a little extra room so I added an insole, just need to get them vibramed now.
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