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Synth makes me want to spend hours scouring rakuten and Y!Japan for Cloak goods
Goddamn this page is dope AF
spacepope spits hot fire
Melonadejello and Regis stay steady killin' the one brand look Also damn octopandda that is great
That Pier Wu coat is killer
Archive and MAAS & Stacks are great. Both are musts for me each time I visit.
Julius from Rakuten. Here's hoping it fits.
Those are great, the matted finish looks terrific with the color.
Thanks guys! They fit my face perfectly, honestly I couldn't be happier. Also they should be ready just in time for my birthday! Re: Mykita; aside from TB, Mykita is hands down my favorite brand. The Mylon collection is incredibly cool. All the textures on the frames are unlike anything else out there, and their hinges are so solid and clever. They do a lot with 3-D printing and the results are incredible. Unfortunately none of it really fits my face as well as I'd like...
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