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I think that is honestly the coolest jacket I have ever seen.
Spope that is incredible. Materials on all that look insane.
[[SPOILER]] What is your price range for a frame? Those fit your bridge and eyes well btw.
Glasses gang 4 lyf
Sent them back, sorry. Keep your eyes on the Lemaire section on Yoox though, they should pop back up soon.
I heard from the guy who runs MAAS & Stacks that they are based on Chinese prison slippers. I kopped the 43s from yoox a while back but they were too big unfortunately. Really neat shoes.
100% Wool CCP coat. Now I just have to wait until it's winter and I can actually wear it
#LetWestbrookBeWestbrook #DontHateOnTheBrodie
Haha that's great. At first I was talking to my friends trying to figure out where I might know you from, but then it hit me and I had to explain "oh my god I know that guy because he posts on a fashion forum." Surreal moment all around. If I had known I was going to see an SF user that day I would've worn something swaggier, but day to day its just too hot for fashionz. Glad you liked the "elf boots" though.
I saw caseyfud at a museum in Tulsa last night. I legit didn't believe my eyes that I would run into one of the handful of SF members who I could recognize in my own city. Small world mang. He and his girl are very nice.
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