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Haha thanks, you're right though they could definitely use a clean.
Found a pic of when I was selling my coat, haven't posted anything in a minute so wanted to say what's up. CCP APC Matias Guidi
Major bummer. Her long sweater/robe is easily one of the coolest things I own.
I developed a sudden interest in white Guidi hiking boots, are there any places that stock them or would the only option be trying to do a custom order?
I think that is honestly the coolest jacket I have ever seen.
Spope that is incredible. Materials on all that look insane.
[[SPOILER]] What is your price range for a frame? Those fit your bridge and eyes well btw.
Glasses gang 4 lyf
Sent them back, sorry. Keep your eyes on the Lemaire section on Yoox though, they should pop back up soon.
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