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Hey_ I also would like to know. Julius F. Wrek
Hello, I am looking to purchase two Uniqlo x Michael Bastian polos. The styles would be white and navy. I am looking for both in a medium. Feedback as a buyer/seller can be found on eBay as the user "julius_f_wrek". Looking forward to hearing from someone. Julius F. Wrek
Hey_ Hm... Julius F. Wrek
Hello, I purchased a Gap x GQ Ovadia & Sons GQ Moto Jacket when the collection was in stores, and now apparently my shoulders got wider, so I would like to purchase a Moto Jacket in a large. Currently, I own the Gap x GQ Ovadia & Sons Moto Jacket in a medium. If it would be possible to trade for a large, I'd be open to that as well. I'd also like to purchase the Gap x GQ Ovadia & Sons Shawl Cardigan in a size large or a medium if a large isn't available. Feedback as...
Hey_ The Tasmanian wool suits are always out in my size. Ugh. Julius F. Wrek
Would it be possible to get more pics of the Mark McNairy bucks?
Scratch that, I'll take them.
Would you be able to post a picture of the wear?
Excuse me, Are these still available?
Hello_ Is the SMALL J. CREW RED/GREY PLAID HEATHERED COTTON-$40 still available? Julius F. Wrek
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