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http://www.malcolm-plews.co.uk/portfolio/ the odd jackets are mostly worn with navy blue trousers in the above gallery
the shirt is not upside down in real life! I had a problem with the image import...
usually I would not buy a shirt with a pocket, but as I like the colour, and it's an H&K shirt for £30, I went for it... up until very recently H&K had two locations on Jermyn St. the larger shop was on the street itself, which it shared with Bates the Hatters, and the smaller one was in Princes Arcade. they have now vacated Princes Arcade, and Bates have moved in Everything in the large shop on Jermyn Street is on sale. I wondered if effectively this was a closing...
nice summer suit Butler IMHO if buttoning only one button of a DB, it has to be the top button, as in the first picture
I am planning to change the laces to ones the same colour as the upper
trying again with the picture displayed can anyone identify the maker of these shoes? designer is Manolo Blahnik, and they are marked Made in Italy thank you
  Sirs, can anyone identify the [Italian] maker of these shoes?
grey flannel jacket with cream/white flannel trousers is a great look lighter coloured shoes- such as in the historical precedent photo- would be another plus
nice hangers... and nice shirts!
nice lapel on that Hermes by Cifonelli jacket
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