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Lapels look like Golding suits I saw on a visit to his shop, and Golding is known to have visited number 10
a GD Golding suit methinks
looks good from the back am not too hot on the lapels- I guess not the house cut?
for information when I was on Lambs Conduit Street a few days ago, I happened to notice that Connock & Lockie have moved. They are now on the same side of the street as Sims & MacDonald but a lot further north. The two tailoring houses are not really neighbours any more it doesn't look like decoration is complete at the new location
I was in the shop last week. At least 50% of the shop floor was RTW menswear [not shirts]. Moreover the shirts that were there were in a narrower range of colours and patterns than previously. bespoke shirting is prominent now, though. there is a bench out for that purpose
  I bought this cap from David Saxby in Fulham last week. They have a surprising wide selection I had seen this cloth previously on the Intweed website, so knew it was a heavyweight
I went in May or June, visited Tricker's and Church's, and ended up buying nothing. I came to the conclusion that if you live in London- as I do- you are better off buying bargains in the twice a year sales. I had bought shoes at Church's and Grenson factory shop in the past, but I am unlikely to return to Northamptonshire factory shops unless new reports of attractive bargains emerge.
having a jacket made in this tweed from the Porter & Harding Glenroyal book... tailor is Paul Kitsaros. the odd jackets are mostly worn with navy blue trousers in the above gallery
the shirt is not upside down in real life! I had a problem with the image import...
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