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I am planning to change the laces to ones the same colour as the upper
trying again with the picture displayed can anyone identify the maker of these shoes? designer is Manolo Blahnik, and they are marked Made in Italy thank you
  Sirs, can anyone identify the [Italian] maker of these shoes?
grey flannel jacket with cream/white flannel trousers is a great look lighter coloured shoes- such as in the historical precedent photo- would be another plus
nice hangers... and nice shirts!
nice lapel on that Hermes by Cifonelli jacket
nice to see a real life customer wearing a tie tied with as big a knot as seen in the windows of shops on the Row!
very nice jacket if it is an odd jacket, it would look great with white trousers...
tchoy, is the above jacket a Thomas Mahon?
Haroutunian MTM, made with their trace of a T&A collar, picked up on Friday cloth is Acorn Grasmere 'plain sky' fit is good, although it hasn't been washed yet first impression is that make is better than Haroutunian RTW, but I will compare in more detail
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