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I've got a pair of very lighlty worn FS029 in UK6.5 which unfortunately is too big for myself and which I would like to give to one of my fellow SFers, if you're interested, send me a PM.
Wow, todays match was not very nice to look at but still Eintracht once again managed to come back from a 0-1 deficit and win 2-1. I love the moral in this team.
Has anyone tried the Mink Oil Renovator of The Shoe Snob? Does it work as well as Saphir Renovateur or might it even be the same thing? Justin once said that his products were made by a French company, so this is highly likely, right? He is a great guy and I'd like to support him with a purchase as soon as I run out of Renovateur.
I disapprove of most things Lapo Elkann is wearing, because they are just too much into peoples faces, yet again lots or even all(?) of his clothing is made by Rubinacci, whom I love most pieces off and that will most likely be superior technically to everything I will ever be able to afford.
stichy, do you approve of this pic?
Gentlemen, I need your help. Has somebody of you saved the "On coherent combinations" thread that vox shared with us earlier this year before it's deletion and would forward it to me? I have not worn a suit in years and don't own one anymore. I am active in a very ambitious student group which organises the biggest job fair in the country for students to get in touch with technology ventures. There will be 210 national and international companies and I will be the...
Blubomber, listen to DIL, he made a very helpful statement.
What fabric is it made of? How to tell my tailor what kind of stripe I am looking at at your shirt?
Looks lovely luxire. Does a one piece collar not need a button or was it a personal choice of your customer?
Am very happy how my team, Eintracht Frankfurt, is performing this season. Not only they have already collected 13 out of 15 possible points in the first few matches, beating Leverkusen and Hamburg as well as comming back from 0-2 and 2-3 to draw against Dortmund, they also show very attractive offensive football and the officials seem to have found faith in the young players again. Now I'll just hope they will continue their confident playstyle, losing 2-5 is still more...
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