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More German girls next door for myself now that Crat's body is being sold to old perveted men, yippie!
Thank you Sir.
Moo, those shoes are pure sechs. I think I have seen them at an other thread but forgot who made them, could you help me?
Spoo, do you still offer a pair of the Tod's Suedes Hampton is spamming all over the board? Would love to have a second look at them and would consider buying if they were available in UK6.5/US7.5 of a regular width.
Lovely shoes Hampton. Deets on the sweater please!
Hampton, Tods once again only in a different color? Clark, great shoe for autumn/winter days without a lot of salt out on the streets. How many of those do you have up north in Sweden? Do they run a regular or narrow width?
javknot, there are several things I dislike and thus would change about your outfit. 1) Your tie is too close in color to the cardigan and looks very sloppy, no idea if it is of poor quality or was tied and/or stored wrongly. 2) Personally I dislike tie bars, I think there are many SFers who agree, I would drop it unless you really like it. 3) You are a very slim guy and I think guys your frame can profit greatly from a jacket worn as an additional layer ontop of a...
Big A, deets on the shoes please!Are they bespoke or RTW?I really like the sleek toe box paired with the chunky waist. [[SPOILER]]
Didn't know C&J was or had been offering a string loafer, what's the name of it?
I use Urtekram Aloe Vera Shampoo, it has no alcohols in it and is thus very gentle with your skin.
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