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I expected it to be the reason but didn't know how to put it. Thanks for clarifying.
globetrotter, thank you a lot for your reply! I too expect not to interact a lot with the locals as the F1 is a western event and I am working right around the circuit mostly, still I prefer to be prepared for every case. From your list, everything but not eating with my left hand seems like common sense. Being lefthanded, this could become a problem for myself. Is the left hand considered impure in the Arabic world?
Did you order them through The Armoury? I want those so badly too but customs of Germany are ridiculous. Very sexy loafers and great to finally see some more pictures taken from other angles.
Hello gentlemen! I will most likely travel to Abu Dhabi at the end of the month to work at the F1 race. It will be my first trip to the Arabic world and I am not familiar with the etiquette. As a guest I would like to behave my best not to offend anyone. I think there are plenty of SFers who have traveled places like Abu Dhabi before and thus would like to ask for help. One rule which I think is of Arabic origin, is not to point ones shoe soles towards others, so I will...
Pliny, I like the brown/white/green combination and the texture the grenadine tie adds to the outfit the most. The other tie is too close in colour to the jacket for my liking. I think you could improve your fits the most by changing the PS, which I dislike in all of the fits, the pale blue being the worst.
A close friend of a friend of mine is attending his first Ironman Hawaii and is currently ranked ~170 out of 1500 participants, we have a hell of a time sitting in front of the TV cheering for him
The son of the lady that occasionally looked after me when my parents were away when I was little, just became a father My oldest and best friend just achieved his BSc in engineering with the second best grad in his year Had a great evening out at the cinema with three of my closest friends
things, that are making you happy - Holdfast's
I wouldn't add simple syrup to a margarita, it sweetens the drink too much for my liking. You might start with 2/2/1 tequila, triple sec, lime and vary the amounts till you find the ratio which you like the most. Another mixutre you might like to experiment with is tequila, lime and agave syrup. It seems there is no commonly agreed on ratio but the ingridiens are used at a lot of bars and the drink is typically called Tommy's margarita. I like it best at a 6.5/2.5/1.5...
Best of luck with the lady Pilot
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