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I agree on the fit and also enjoy the herringbone, would love to see a blue shirt though and please shave yourself, the ginger scrub looks sloppy. Welcome back home, mate!
Just received the cashmere V neck sweater in color 36 BROWN, the tag calls it chestnut. The nicest color of sweater I ever owned, you guys should definitely buy one yourself as long as it is available.
Best proxy I've ever encountered. Always friendly, always super quick, 100% reliable. Hope his karmameter explodes. +oo points from my side!
Thanks to both of you. Fred, I'd buy a pair of your socks right away
Hampton, is that a pair of Carminas? Which last? Looks too round for a pair of Simpsons. Fred, very good outfit, love the shoes and socks, how do you make them on your own?
Diaz, great looking shoes, what are they?
No idea about Düsseldorf but +1 on Diehl&Diehl in Frankfurt, just take into consideration they only offer shoes upwards of EU41/42. Also check the small collection at Cove & Co at Bethmannstraße and the selection on the first floor of Görtz between Zeil and Freßgass.
#1 is nice aside from the shoes
Had the first chance to try on several pairs/lasts of well made shoes yesterday. Decided to go for C&J as the store offered quite a big range of them and a lot of people around here are familiar with them. Hallam/348 in UK6.5E was very long and pointy, most likely too much for my liking, will give it a second chance though. Audley/337 in UK6.5E felt good with the same amount of noticable support all around the foot, still looks quite long and pointy, at least paired with...
Gentlemen, how much would a pair of calf plain captoe Old English on the U last approximately cost?
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