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Am in my early-mid twenties as well and jealous that you can afford clothes as nice as what you are wearing while I am only able to admire items as nice as that for a few more years till I am out of university. Great thing though to have other people my age on SF, people around myself prefer to dress in jeans and functional clothing which is a pain to look at. From your previous pics and your overall style, which is similiar to NOBD and IST, I would have guessed you were...
Cheap and fast yet tasty students food, gnocchi with a ratatouille made of zucchini, tomato, eggplant and onion.
Crat, you look way younger on the bad taste pic than what I imagined you to be from your usual fit pics. Eventhough I agree with the comments on the jacket, your todays outfit is once again very nice!
lasbar, those are three different girls
Spoke to Betty again, she indeed included the 50% MTO fee. So the Uetam last loafers are 310€ and the calf cap toes on Simpson are 340€ if they have your size in stock. Those do sound a lot more reasonable. Now, if only they would stock my size.
I emailed with Betty in the past two days regarding a black oxford cap toe in calf on the Simpson last and the Uetam last loafers known from the Armoury. While the later was 295€ last time I asked a few weeks/months ago, they are now 465€ and the black calf, which I expected to be mid-high 300ish, is 510€, fuck my life. I honestly ask myself who is able to afford these prices, not everybody on SF earns six or seven figures a year. Those who do will probably go for GG, EG,...
^ like that
Frankfurt am Main/Germany, already went to several stores, non of them carried any dress shoes in my size, not to mention any brands I was interested in. I have had a pair of Rancourt Ranger Mocs MTO and therefore measured my feet very extensively. My bigger foot is 250mm long and has a ball circumference of 237mm so I am right between UK6G and UK6.5F and thus would go for the later for narrower lasts and the former for wider lasts.
Any suggestions regarding makers/lasts? I am able to spend 400€/$500.
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