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I don't like white shirts paired with stone pants. The black belt clashes with the tan shoes. Your tie seems to be on the short side. The PS is too close in colour to the shirt and I dislike its 'fold'. Your pant's legs are very unflattering, try to have them altered so they don't spread horizontally as much. I hate sock peacocking and in your outfit it is very prominent. I like your haircut. I love the jacket even if it might be a bit short in length and sleeves.. I...
I ate plenty of processed food when I was in school, I now try to eat as little of it as possible. Gnocchi and ratatouille takes ~10 mins preperation so it's my way of fastfood. Of course I do eat a burger now and again, but you have to take into consideration that I am European so the only choice I have is between McD and BK which both aren't exactly tasty. If going for fastfood I normally prefer pizza, thai, well made lamb kebab/lahmacun or pide over burgers.
The smell of Saphir Renovateur.
Am in my early-mid twenties as well and jealous that you can afford clothes as nice as what you are wearing while I am only able to admire items as nice as that for a few more years till I am out of university. Great thing though to have other people my age on SF, people around myself prefer to dress in jeans and functional clothing which is a pain to look at. From your previous pics and your overall style, which is similiar to NOBD and IST, I would have guessed you were...
Cheap and fast yet tasty students food, gnocchi with a ratatouille made of zucchini, tomato, eggplant and onion.
Crat, you look way younger on the bad taste pic than what I imagined you to be from your usual fit pics. Eventhough I agree with the comments on the jacket, your todays outfit is once again very nice!
lasbar, those are three different girls
Spoke to Betty again, she indeed included the 50% MTO fee. So the Uetam last loafers are 310€ and the calf cap toes on Simpson are 340€ if they have your size in stock. Those do sound a lot more reasonable. Now, if only they would stock my size.
I emailed with Betty in the past two days regarding a black oxford cap toe in calf on the Simpson last and the Uetam last loafers known from the Armoury. While the later was 295€ last time I asked a few weeks/months ago, they are now 465€ and the black calf, which I expected to be mid-high 300ish, is 510€, fuck my life. I honestly ask myself who is able to afford these prices, not everybody on SF earns six or seven figures a year. Those who do will probably go for GG, EG,...
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