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Tom, great to see you posting! I like the top, your haircut, the sunglasses, the shirt, all of them look lovely. The cardigan has a great style as well but seems to be both on the wide and long side, have you lost some more weight? Unluckily I am not much of a fan of the bottom. While the pictures taken from the front look ok, having a look from the side it seems the leg opening is very narrow and thus the way the jeans fall onto the shoes is not all that great. Once...
I will never understand why some people like to have two button cuffs, to me it's plain annoying.
sdolina, would you mind sharing pictures of the boots from a wearers perspective?
Guys, is today ugly tie day or something? Has Holdfast dragged you to the Slitherine side? Besides clarinetplayer all outfits suffer from ties which do not live up to the level of awesome of the rest of the items.
reverse image search?
Impressive example of what an angle can mean to the picture, thank you a lot! Regarding the girl next door, c'mon you are Dutch, your girls way cuter anyways, do you have to steal those rare German gems away from us?
Dima, deets on the shooting jacket please.
I think I could retire solely from the money earned of selling it to fellow forvmista.120mph/200kmh is nice steady progress.I have to find the video of Walter Röhrl reviewing an Audi or Porsche just to tell us alongside that 155mph was his favourite 'relaxed' traveling speed
^ I like that casual look mossrockss. The pants have a colour that suits autumn very well. Spoo, I love the shirt, like the tie, don't mind the PS and hate the jacket.
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