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Looks fine to me Scotty
Butler, I think I would have prefered that look with a BD shirt and without a tie. SC and pants look quite country to me and the spread collar shirt and tie just don't grab my attention like outfits of yours normally do.
450 pounds sounds like a steal on a pair of EG, congrats!
If I recall correctly the European food regulations banned some acids that are allowed in the US and thus most soft drinks have different ingredients to them than in the US. Also there is less sugar in it. No idea how man different European versions there are. Another deciding factor is the packaging the drinks come in. PET loses carbonation over time, thus they put a lot more into it than they do to the same stuff bottled in glas. I generally prefer the later. Anyone of...
@ajmanouk, EMartNJ and lee_44106 put my comment well in place. I have never doubt the quality of AE and it seems they are widely available in the US, still of what worth is an easy to purchase and quality shoe if it just does not look appealing to me and thus I would not want to wear it? This is my personal taste, others might like them and I am fine with that, still it adds to the worth of this thread to stress the fact that there are other options out there.
j00bear, I can't recall the fit you are referring to, but this one looks nice! I agree with Alex, those shoes are lovely and make a great difference to previous outfits. What are they?
Congrats b1os! Just had time to watch some videos of the new Radical SR3 SL, lovely piece of machinery.
SFs love for Park Avenues is beyond me, they do nothing for me. I second acidboy's recommendation and besides Alden would advise you to have a look at the offerings of Loake, Crockett & Jones and Carmina.
Quote for insta-marry.I don't get why so many women wear fugly clunky shoes like this: and thatwhen those pictured in the quote are a million times more elegant and sexy.
My first can of San Pellegrino Aranciata. I have to make a side to side comparison of Aranciata with Orangina out of a glas bottle (the PET ones just have too much carbonation to it) but at the moment I think the Aranciata is a tad less sweet and a bit more bitter. I like both aspects of it. What is your favorite?
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