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Does anybody of you have experience with "thekiltstore"? I consider buying a pair of Loake Eton and they offer them for as little as 117GBP.
Second one is Carmina, right? What's the first?
Great purchase!No matter the price, they look 110% awesome, just like the material mix suggests
Fantastic trousers!What are they?
Luxire, all the shirts I've got from you have two pleats at the cuff. What's your experience with a single pleat cuff, does it help to clean up the silhouette for those who prefer a very slim shirt/sleeve?
To Carl and all the other shirtmakers. Is there a maximum amount of difference between a shirts waist and hip measurement that you recommend for a well balanced shirt? I prefer a slim shirt and have reduced the waist and hip measurements as much as possible without restricting my motion, darts are added to the back. Still I don't like the midsection of my shirts. What bothers me is not so much the amount of extra fabric but the hourglass silhouette and what it means to...
I experienced the trees to be half a size too small for shoes labeled the same size. EU40 trees work nicely in my EU39,5 shoes.
In constrast to your previous post, this one is informative and helpful.Thanks!
archetypal_yuppie, post some pictures of yourself, showing us how to do it right.
My question was whether it is possible to ask for a toppied heel aswell.I have never had a shoe toppied before and thus don't know if it makes sense to have the heel toppied aswell.
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