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Has anybody tried on the swim shorts? Are they closer in fit to the Orlebar Brown Setter or Bulldog?
I've got two more questions regarding shirts. It has been discussed before that instead of adding darts one could also reduce the back of the waist to account for the S shape of the human body. I would like to understand this method better. 1. How does one measure/determine how great a difference in balance of front and back waist is right for one's build and posture? 2. Imagine a client that has a drop of 5" between chest and waist as well as 3" between hips/seat and...
Does anybody know who produces the lambswool cable knit sweaters for Drakes?
For 14.5" and 15" shirts, what's the hip/bottom measurement?
Those Marquess are gorgeous!
The pair on the R last looks perfect.
Philipp Lahm retired from the German national team. Will take a while to replace him equally both as player and captain, but a great chance for younger players. Wise step personally and enough time for the team to regroup for the 2016 European championship. He will fulfill his contract with Bayern though, which lasts till 2018.
Washing and wearing the shirt several times before you come up with final changes is a good idea. I don't like to discuss values as they have a lot do with your height, weight etc. and I can only guess those from your pictures. I think your shirt is on the short side even for untucked shirts, so adding some length sounds like a good idea. The shirt seems to have a pronounced hourglass shape, that I have fallen out of love with. I have learned that untucked shirts with as...
@indigofera, do you plan to wear future shirts tucked or untucked? For untucked wear I would not reduce much of the bottom measurements, it looks pretty good for that purpose and you need some room for freedom of movement. If you intend to tuck the shirt in at all times, you could reduce the bottom measurements more dramatically and maybe should lengthen the shirt a bit. In my experience the same shirt will never be a perfect fit for both untucked and tucked wear.
Who's the maker of the following shoe?
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