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@indigofera, do you plan to wear future shirts tucked or untucked? For untucked wear I would not reduce much of the bottom measurements, it looks pretty good for that purpose and you need some room for freedom of movement. If you intend to tuck the shirt in at all times, you could reduce the bottom measurements more dramatically and maybe should lengthen the shirt a bit. In my experience the same shirt will never be a perfect fit for both untucked and tucked wear.
Who's the maker of the following shoe?
Luxire, is the Grandi & Rubinelli Baby Pink Oxford more or less saturated than the Pale Pink Classic Oxford?
Imo one of the best looking cap toes you own! Will you get them toppied?
Does anybody of you have experience with "thekiltstore"? I consider buying a pair of Loake Eton and they offer them for as little as 117GBP.
Second one is Carmina, right? What's the first?
Great purchase!No matter the price, they look 110% awesome, just like the material mix suggests
Fantastic trousers!What are they?
Luxire, all the shirts I've got from you have two pleats at the cuff. What's your experience with a single pleat cuff, does it help to clean up the silhouette for those who prefer a very slim shirt/sleeve?
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