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My friend stayed at the well respected IIT Madras, where monkeys entered dorms, class rooms and several other parts of daily life. While I do understand it's more of a question of personal interest, I don't see how it's rude. Like Mr. K I have been told I am not allowed to order anymore from Luxire and on top of that I would "need treatment".
I too would love to learn a little more about Indian tailoring workaday life in general and specifally how Luxire is able to make all custom requests possible: Is every order reviewed by one of the cutters and then arranged with further notes and pictures for the sewers? Do they have different cutters for shirts, trousers, coats etc. or do the cutters master all those disciplines? How many cutters are there and for how long have they been with Luxire? Do they work in the...
I like the width of the sleeve of my shirts but need to increase the armhole by 1cm.How do I need to adjust the sleeve width so the sleeve turns out the same as with the higher armhole? [[SPOILER]]
Still receiving "Failed to create subscription" but have yet to receive help or a PM from an admin.
I own plenty of completely unlined OCBDs and am looking for a change.I am asking for experience with fabrics because I found I don't wear some of my Luxire OCBDs nearly as much as I initially thought I would.It's not for their fit or details, but because I feel the colors in the shirts are too saturated for my liking.Namely those fabrics are the Pale Pink Classic Oxford, Classic Red Stripes Oxford and Classic Blue Oxford.I much prefer the subdued colors of the Sky Blue...
Gentlemen, which fabric offered by Luxire would best replicated the following shirt? I thought of the following two but would love to see complete shirts for comparison http://luxire.com/products/sky-blue-plain-poplin http://luxire.com/products/grandi_cam2000_10137_09188 Also, has anybody had the Proper Cloth President Spread Collar replicated by Luxire? http://propercloth.com/collar-styles/president-spread-collar I enjoy wearing unlined collars but do understand a more...
The spread of the collar of the pink shirt looks great. Which instructions did you give?
Those two measurements Luxire calls front and back rise are important to produce your pair of trousers exactly to the dimensions you want them to be. I guess they are important to get the balance right between front and back, only those measurements aren't what tradtionally is refered to as rise. The traditional term is what determines how high the pair will sit on your torso. Therefore check the trousers you own and compare to the rise of fellow customers approximately...
We are of similiar height and waist.I am not sure we refer to the same measurement, but a rise, like a tailor measures it, outside trouser length minus inseam length, of 9.75" I wouldn't call high.At our height I would say a rise of below 9" is low, between 9" and 10" is medium and everything above is high.Also 10.5" sound far too narrow for the thighs.Even my tightest chinos come with no less than 11.25", this is for an ankle opening of 7" just for comparison.
If you like the Huntesman, you might enjoy this one as well: http://karl-matthews.com/2014/08/27/looking-forward-to-winter-with-the-everest-cashmere/
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