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Nothing missing there, at least not according to the picture Luxire has on their site http://luxire.com/pages/buttons-and-accessories-options
The strap must go through the red opening from the bottom side, then through the blue opening from the top side, shouldn't it?
Have a look at the following posthttp://www.styleforum.net/t/304965/luxire-custom-clothing-official-affiliate-thread/13710#post_7516126I agree with you, it's a tricky measurement to take.
Just received my swim shorts. Highly recommended. Impeccable workmanship, comfortable fabric, high quality hardware, great color. Fit true to description. My waist sits right between two of the offered sizes and I went with the bigger one. Through the side adjusters you can reduce the waist by approximately one inch, which makes it a comfortable fit for me
Great coat
http://prestigebuttons.com/ http://www.acornfabrics.com/fabrics/accessories
I think one should not forget English is not the mother tongue for all of us.In my opinion most posts that come off rude at the first glance can be recognised and understood for a different cultural upbringing and a lack of better words at closer examination.Having placed approximately 10 orders with Luxire, admittedly smaller ones, and especially from early 2013 on, when Luxire was relatively new to SF, I don't understand how I could come of as a hater.I have changed my...
My friend stayed at the well respected IIT Madras, where monkeys entered dorms, class rooms and several other parts of daily life. While I do understand it's more of a question of personal interest, I don't see how it's rude. Like Mr. K I have been told I am not allowed to order anymore from Luxire and on top of that I would "need treatment".
I too would love to learn a little more about Indian tailoring workaday life in general and specifally how Luxire is able to make all custom requests possible: Is every order reviewed by one of the cutters and then arranged with further notes and pictures for the sewers? Do they have different cutters for shirts, trousers, coats etc. or do the cutters master all those disciplines? How many cutters are there and for how long have they been with Luxire? Do they work in the...
New Posts  All Forums: