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Well, I had a conversation with a bespoke shirtmaker today, and he told me about fabrics being finished with resins.According to him a lot of people react very sensitive to those.Shirtmaven too hinted at it for no less than an Acorn fabric:http://www.styleforum.net/t/181380/shirting-fabric-is-acorn-still-the-best-bet/0_100#post_6545469Never had a problem with your shirts, just wanted to ask to make sure.As for a chino fabric in a light shade of khaki, I have swatches of...
You are my personal hero, thank you so much! Good catch on your girl and pooch. Now if only Luxire would add a chino fabric similiar in color to your JCrew chino...
Theresa, is it possible to tell us which fabrics have a natural finish and which have been treated with, for example, resins?
Thank you so much!Can't wait to hear of your impressions under natural sunlight!What made me extra curious, besides the fabrics in special, is the way you named the swatches.Have you found out a way to see the internal names Luxire uses?Would make things a lot easier than having something like 10 Blue Dress Stripes at the same time.
That to me is a perfect casual outfit. Very well done Chris!
Clapey, it'd be interesting for me to know how tall the rear collar height is for your rear collar band height of 45mm. Also, what's the reason you went for the green collar (except for the rounded points), your favorite it seems, instead of the orange one that was recommended to you by the vast majority of people in your Oneshirt poll? Thanks!
@Luxire, talking collars, what is the reason for the rear collar riding up, exposing approximately 1cm of the rear neck band underneath?
I'm afraid you won't be able to look at the pictures without having an account, but there are no others than those he too posted into this thread here anyways.It starts here and goes on for several more posts:http://www.stilmagazin.com/forum/masskonfektion/10030-luxire-hemden-42.html#post296922As for collar band height, have a look at the following picture:I'm certain everyone in here is refering to what the picture calls "band height" as "(rear) collar band height".Sure...
Agreed on the neck height, though I suspect there is indeed correlation as long as people have fairly regular neck heights relative to their body heights.I'm on the polar opposite end of the spectrum at 172cm and all my Luxire collars come with 30mm in the front and 40mm in the back, which I am very happy with it.Accidentally I received one shirt with 35mm and 45mm just like on Clapeyron's shirt and it doesn't look and wear right on me.For it is too high up on my neck in...
Clapeyron has specified a collar band height of 35mm in the front and 45mm in the back, remember he is 2m tall. A 50mm rear collar band height would look ridiculous on most people.
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