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I have found this picture of Hiro (top) and Olfe (bottom) at Depiedencap if this is any help to you. I still too am interested in a more indepth comparison of Hiro and Olfe.
Well, looks pretty nice to me too.
Fantastic fit!
I know of the picture of several Meermin lasts. Still I wonder if anybody can compare the Hiro and the Olfe last, maybe even in some pictures under natural light?
Wow Roger, lovely pair! I wonder, when does Vass execute the lacing area with an additional piece of leather and when with a tack?
Both the pair of RogerP and my pair are on their F last, made for Vass by Roberto Ugolini.When I bought them, and I think that price is still true, boxcalf shoes were 420€, lasted shoe trees 30€ and shipping to Germany 20€.They size their shoes in EU sizes and if you are interested and try to determine your shoe size, I advise you to use the following chart which I have found to be true for everyone who has posted in the Vass thread so...
You can contact Vass directly too. Mr. Kuti is a pleasure to deal with. info@vass-cipo.hu In contrast to RogerP's double soled punch cap toes, I got my cap toes with a single sole. Mr. Kuti was friendly enough to send me some pictures of my shoes before they got shipped. Please take notice of the clean heel!
Speaking of Scheer, for those of you who understand German or who can enjoy the great pictures without understanding what is being said: http://www.servustv.com/cs/Satellite/Article/Fast-vergessen---Handwerkliches-Erbe-011259520908853
Looking at the picture of the three most expensive pairs I feel you should let go of the Tricker's and AEs and add a pair of Vass on the F last. They are my pair of black cap toes and I feel they would not fall short against those English beauties.
What do handgrades run at in the UK? GBP 465? There is a shop in Germany which sells them for 510€
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