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There is Eduard Meier, but I am afraid they are neither easily available nor in your price range.
I'd definitely love to see them it that epic thread of yours. What are the two different pairs, maybe C&J Belgrave and JL Philip II?
Love the Berkeley. Will you start adding punched cap toes now that you own so many plain cap toes?
I am right on the fence between UK6F and UK6.5F.Most my shoes come in UK6.5F as I like to err on the large side, I own a pair of US7E shoes too though.I ended up with a pair of EU39.5 standard width Vass on the F last and I am very happy with them.If you are a regular UK6.5F I would recommend EU40 standard width to you.
What is the technical term for a flat machine made seam/tack like at the pocket of the following chino instead of the raised tack Luxire uses?
I like the look of the R last a lot, looks a bit like a wider F last, doesn't it?
I didn't specify it but the first polo shirt collar of mine came with unfused lining, I was going to ask to have the collar made unlined in the remake, as I think the pique itself should be strong enough to hold itself. Would you disagree?
Hopefully Vass soon figures out how to properly handsew a Dainite sole to their shoes. Those chukkas are very tempting, but no way for me to get a pair of boots without a rubber sole.
May I ask when you ordered your polo?My shirt made of the grey pique turned out with measurements which were far off as well as a collar which was not similiar to the Kent Wang polo collar, which I too asked for.I will return it for a remake, but of course I am very interested to learn about other customer's experiences and if Luxire learned more about the stretch of the pique fabrics.
n-domino, lovely looking grain boots! The F last does not stop to amaze me, definitely amongst the best looking lasts of all premium RTW makers. So happy I got my pair of Vass on it Do these chukkas come on the F last as well or is it one of the Peter lasts?
New Posts  All Forums: