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I'm wearing Luxire's Pale Pink Oxford today, I can't judge from the pictures whether it is more or less saturated than the Pale Pink Linen Cotton, but it definitely is a nice fabric you should have a look at!
Thanks a lot, the Blue Bengal Stripes and Alumo 140/2 are exactly the two stripes from Luxire I am considering. The Fall Tattersall Twill will look lovely under a chunky knit and a waxed jacket, can't wait for the first pictures of you wearing the shirt
Great pictures! Which fabrics are those two fine stripes?
It's not my intention to call Pliny rude or his style tasteless, it's obviously quite the opposite of it. Only I don't like his bright socks, which I think are referred to as "fun socks" in general at SF.
Well, wouldn't you agree your socks are the brightest piece of clothing you are wearing today?
Pliny, I think the scale of the patterns of tie and jacket might be a bit close too one another, but it's not big of a problem, if at all. I would only praise your recent outfits if it would not be for the fun socks, which for me ruin the otherwise very tasteful combinations.
7_rocket, the shirt looks nice! Maybe you want to try a tie knot a little smaller next time, I think it looks a bit large for the tie space given to you from the shirt's collar.
Leaves, do you plan to offer either Carmina 80191 or 80372 in burgundy shell for next summer season?
I guess the Meermins are either on Hiro or Olfe last?
Monkeyface, good looking punched cap toes. Who is the maker of them?
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