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Those are buttons of a Miele washing machine.Do you remember the Superbowl commercial of Volkswagen?Miele too is renowned for building very long-lasting products.
Looks very good, thank you for sharing!
Well, our Miele washing maschine is a front loader and does have a softcare drum, still I better am safe than sorry. I guess it's part of my German nature, which in this case you happily do no share?
Air drying is always the gentlest of ways of drying your clothes, isn't it? I turn inside out every garment I wash, as I think it will preserve the front facings of my clothes from the fricition it is exposed to in the washing drum.
The stripes on Betelguese's shirt are obviously wider than on yours.
To me, that's a moderate cut away collar.
Those Aurora oxfords and Superchic end on ends look lovely! Great idea to share entire sides of the fabric books.
How is the fit on those Lockies? Should one size down if looking for a more fitted look? Can they do every chest size or do they have something like 2 inch steps to their sizing?
Anden is your jacket made of LL City Gun Club?
Well, I had a conversation with a bespoke shirtmaker today, and he told me about fabrics being finished with resins.According to him a lot of people react very sensitive to those.Shirtmaven too hinted at it for no less than an Acorn fabric:http://www.styleforum.net/t/181380/shirting-fabric-is-acorn-still-the-best-bet/0_100#post_6545469Never had a problem with your shirts, just wanted to ask to make sure.As for a chino fabric in a light shade of khaki, I have swatches of...
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