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I like the look of the R last a lot, looks a bit like a wider F last, doesn't it?
I didn't specify it but the first polo shirt collar of mine came with unfused lining, I was going to ask to have the collar made unlined in the remake, as I think the pique itself should be strong enough to hold itself. Would you disagree?
Hopefully Vass soon figures out how to properly handsew a Dainite sole to their shoes. Those chukkas are very tempting, but no way for me to get a pair of boots without a rubber sole.
May I ask when you ordered your polo?My shirt made of the grey pique turned out with measurements which were far off as well as a collar which was not similiar to the Kent Wang polo collar, which I too asked for.I will return it for a remake, but of course I am very interested to learn about other customer's experiences and if Luxire learned more about the stretch of the pique fabrics.
n-domino, lovely looking grain boots! The F last does not stop to amaze me, definitely amongst the best looking lasts of all premium RTW makers. So happy I got my pair of Vass on it Do these chukkas come on the F last as well or is it one of the Peter lasts?
I own the Cheaney as well, totally recommended! They can be had with further eyelets instead of the speedhooks as Herring Langdale http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=6&shoeid=2999
I paid the usual amount for shipping approximately two weeks ago.
Fred is back
Don, deine Hose stößt nicht nur auf dem Schuh sondern auch in der Ferse auf, ich würde sie leicht kürzen lassen.
Gentlemen, I could need some help in sizing. I am interested in a pair on the 026 last. I own a pair of Alfred Sargent chelsea boots on the 89 last in UK6.5F which fits nicely. A pair of Cheany on the 175 last in UK6.5F is too generous in the toe box and maybe even a hair too long. Also I wear EU39.5 in Vass F last. Would you guys go for UK6F or UK6.5F in the 026 last?
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