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mcobinad, you set the spoiler tags and within those you post your pictures with the IMG tags. As for your outfits, I think all your jackets have too much waist suppresion. I don't know if you have very broad shoulders and a tiny waist or if the jackets are just too wide for you around your shoulders but I would either go with a wider waist or narrower shoulders. Am also not a fan of flap pockets on casual jackets, especially when paired with fun chinos. As for those...
Please excuse the spam but I am afraid my question got lost.I feel the Uetam last paired with a long vamp makes for a great loafer for those men with small feet like myself, so maybe some others would be interested as well?
Luxire, regarding your selvedge denim fabrics, how much stretch is to expect from them? Am I save to assume the inseam will shrink approximately 1/2 inch on the initial wash, while the waist will stretch out 1 inch and thighs and knees 1/8 to 1/4 inch each?
I received my thirteeners in 30 slim to replace my APC NS in 28 and am satisfied with the quality of the jeans. Only thing I am concerned about is the thigh (2 inch below crotch) measuring 11.25 inch out of the box while the cut was described to have 10.7 inch thighs. My APCs stretched out to 10.75 after over a year of wear, and I like my chinos to have a 11.25 thigh but would like my jeans to fit closer to my leg. Will I be fine giving the pair a hot wash or should I...
I'm wearing Luxire's Pale Pink Oxford today, I can't judge from the pictures whether it is more or less saturated than the Pale Pink Linen Cotton, but it definitely is a nice fabric you should have a look at!
Thanks a lot, the Blue Bengal Stripes and Alumo 140/2 are exactly the two stripes from Luxire I am considering. The Fall Tattersall Twill will look lovely under a chunky knit and a waxed jacket, can't wait for the first pictures of you wearing the shirt
Great pictures! Which fabrics are those two fine stripes?
It's not my intention to call Pliny rude or his style tasteless, it's obviously quite the opposite of it. Only I don't like his bright socks, which I think are referred to as "fun socks" in general at SF.
Well, wouldn't you agree your socks are the brightest piece of clothing you are wearing today?
Pliny, I think the scale of the patterns of tie and jacket might be a bit close too one another, but it's not big of a problem, if at all. I would only praise your recent outfits if it would not be for the fun socks, which for me ruin the otherwise very tasteful combinations.
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