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Pliny, I think the scale of the patterns of tie and jacket might be a bit close too one another, but it's not big of a problem, if at all. I would only praise your recent outfits if it would not be for the fun socks, which for me ruin the otherwise very tasteful combinations.
7_rocket, the shirt looks nice! Maybe you want to try a tie knot a little smaller next time, I think it looks a bit large for the tie space given to you from the shirt's collar.
Leaves, do you plan to offer either Carmina 80191 or 80372 in burgundy shell for next summer season?
I guess the Meermins are either on Hiro or Olfe last?
Monkeyface, good looking punched cap toes. Who is the maker of them?
Gentlemen, I enjoy the direction this discussion has turned to. I can understand and even respect your standpoints a lot better now, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Well, I guess I just simply have a different attitude than most of you, but to me products made by the hands of a true craftsman are a unique piece of art. True artists create things for a reason and in case of a shoemaker, tailor or watchmaker they create their products to be used. Sadly craftsman are not able to earn as much money with the work of their hands as others do in different fields of work. So for a shoemaker to be able to feed his family he will agree on...
Luxire, the collar is lined but unfused, right? Also, just like clapeyron would love to see a group picture of all the buttons available for pants and jackets. Do you offer YKK zipers?
I might have overreacted, but calling my post, in which I suggest to someone to wear his (at least) 24 pairs of shoes instead of buying even more, nonsense, made my blood boil a little. I hate watching people collect things which are meant to be used in large numbers only to use them far too little or not at all. I consider wearing a shoe only once a year a waste of time, material and worksmanship because it's very likely the shoe will outlive me without myself getting the...
Sounds like you had a wonderful time at their store! Happy to read that their SA at the shop are just as patient and helpful as Mr. Kuti is via email. Vass is a class act.
New Posts  All Forums: