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When will swatches of the Brisbane Moss fabrics be available? When can one expect you to order a new batch of buttons?
The Tennyson range of cotton drills has a perfect weight for chinos.The shade of stone looks very promising.This is a dream come true!Also great decision on the thickness of the buttons, 3mm is a reasonable choice.
So you would recommend sticking to the same size I comfortably wear in the corduroy jeans instead of sizing down? I think the shrinkage will mostly affect the length of the jeans, while the waistband will stretch back out. Do you think the denim will stretch similiar to the corduroy?
I have worn a size 28 APC NS but next time would go for a size 29. I wear size 29 in the Uniqlo Slim Fit Corduroy Jeans and they fit me nicely all around with maybe a slightly too wide waistband. Now I'd like to buy a pair of the 100% unsanforized cotton Selvedge Slim Fit Straight Jeans, the size guide recommends the same measurements as for the corduroy jeans. What would you do, size down one or keep the current size?
If there'd be a mill that offered their fabrics with sufficient information online, think Acorn for shirting fabrics, I'd definitely go for a pair of CMT chinos.Sadly Croft Mill, just like some other potential sources I have found, doesn't state yarn quality, weight and composition of the fabric.Please feel free to help me out.
Luxire, Felipe would like to know when you plan to add a stone chino fabric.
Not saying the waist of the jacket should not be taken in, still I think you could improve your outfits if there was less "open leg space". Not only foot opening, but also knee and maybe thigh could be increased. How tall are you, to make a 21cm foot opening look that tiny?
I don't think the jacket looks overly boxy. Rather than reducing the waist of the jacket, I would go for less skinny trousers for a more proportional look.
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