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Good looking jacket and shoes SB, mind to share what they are?
Can't wait for my most recent shirt order to arrive. Also have to email you to add more swatches to the order, so many great new additions!
Charlie, funny coincidence, a guy who sells some small leather goods at the German equivalent of Styleforum received a batch of French linen threads this week as well, they could very possibly be the same you received there. Those are the same thread Hermes uses for their leather goods, right?
Great additions! Love the Chatham Blue, Indigo Blue, Navy and Racing Green!
It might surprise you, but I actually like seams and would never consider to buy a wholecut, strange, he? @XFactor, this forum agrees on a high minimum standard of quality which a shoes needs to be recommended.Therefor I am afraid your budget will not be enough to buy a new pair as the entry level cap toes recommended around here are AE Park Avenue, Loake Aldwych and Meermin Classic Collection.Also, while I have not handled a pair myself, I heard good things about Langer &...
Well, seems as if I earned myself a questionable reputation
That sounds very reasonable for a shoe as lovely looking as that! Would you mind sharing pictures of a side view, the sole and maybe the heel?
Very good looking pair! May I ask how much you have paid for them?
DWFII, so who produces the shoe with the greatest spi today? How comes there is nobody interested in raising cattle as slowly as it was done in the past, because it will surely be the turbo mast which will make leathers having a lower quality, right?
If in doubt I always prefer a tie knot too small over one too large, thus a single FIH would have been my preference.As for the tie itself, I don't like its color/pattern, but I am a sucker for CBD so maybe it's just not conservative enough for my taste but in good taste generally speaking.
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