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Have you ordered the Blue University Stripes Oxford? Luxire is waiting for a restock of the fabric, which has caused my order to be delayed for several weeks already, but Theresa told me so when I wrote her an email.
The striped shirt is made from Blueish Green University Stripes Oxford?
Not at all, tailors just like engineers have created paper based sketches since decades, right? My question was aiming at the fact that from my experience a lot of people are not familiar with and thus unable to properly read CAD sketches. From your reply I take your tailors are trained to easily execute CAD sketches into paper patterns, correct?
Luxire, if you are partly using CAD to create patterns, would you be able to work with templates like the following one which clapeyron created?
What a great pair meister, wear it in good health!
Timo, what fabric is your shirt made of?
MCQueenesque.Very well done!
I have not handled the shoes myself, but as far as I know they are made in Italy and goodyear welted. I don't know by whom though. Gummiabsatzfleck means rubber heel quarter.
Have you checked the different lines of L&M? I think you could afford their entry range.
There is Eduard Meier, but I am afraid they are neither easily available nor in your price range.
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