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How does the size of slim cord jeans compare to the slim selvedge denim? I wear sz. 29 in the cords and am uncertain which size to get in the raws.
Are the most recent chino fabrics those of Brisbane Moss?
I just recently had the chance to meet Roberto Ugolini and get my hands on 20 pairs of his lovely shoes, but in my opinion those Main-d`or shoes exceed even master Ugolini's shoes in looks. Thank you so much for sharing!
n-domino, may I ask what size those lovely chukkas are?Also, is three eyelets the norm in Vass or did you specify it?
Whenever I try to subscribe to a thread I get the error message "Failed to create subscription". At first I thought I simply had subscribed to too many threads but after I have deleted a lot of subscriptions, the problem remains. I hope this can be fixed?
Fantastic, thank you so much for sharing!
I can't believe this topic has not attracted more interest and replies. I am small, slim and have a hollow back. I am also not overly fond of the looks of darts. Over the course of the years I have had MTM shirts from various local businesses, I have ordered shirts online based on measurements I took from existing shirts and which I adjusted several times. Nothing has solved the problem of massiv billowing around the waist and honestly the balance of some of the shirts...
When will Brisbane Moss Tennyson swatches be available?
Absolutely gorgeous!
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