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In constrast to your previous post, this one is informative and helpful.Thanks!
archetypal_yuppie, post some pictures of yourself, showing us how to do it right.
My question was whether it is possible to ask for a toppied heel aswell.I have never had a shoe toppied before and thus don't know if it makes sense to have the heel toppied aswell.
Has anybody ordered a 2 eyelet chukka from Vass? How does one specify the following sole and it is posible to have the heel treated like that aswell?
I posted it several times before, but will post it again. For smaller sizes in Vass, stick to the following chart and you will be fine. If between sizes, take the smaller one. UK6 = EU39,5 UK6.5 = EU40 UK7 = EU40,5 UK7.5 = EU41 UK8 = EU41,5
What about the volume of the toebox and vamp?
Maybe you should sent in the altered pair to have Luxire copy it. Also, as the problem seems pretty common on Luxire pants, maybe they can learn from you how to fix this problem in general.
Dear wurger, now that you have experience with both, how would you compare the fit of AS 109 to Vass F?
What colors are the dark blue and brown shoe next to it on the left? Navy and Brown CXL?
[[SPOILER]] What colors are the dark blue and brown shoe next to it on the left?Navy and Brown CXL?
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