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Dear Foster & Son, thank you a lot for your reply! The toe shape looks about right, I am only afraid there might be too much volume under the vamp for my flat toes on your last. Do you offer the shoe in brown as well?
Dear gentlemen of Foster & Son, do you offer a style similiar to this stunning pair of bespokes by Nikolaus Tuczek?
Unlined "Mercer BD" with 8.75 cm or 3 7/16 inch long points.Make sure to ask for your normal collar band height though.
Luxire, great additions, especially to the stripes. Will you still add the information on warp and weft to the fabrics? Also now am certain I received the Pale Blue Dress Stripes Oxford instead of the Blue University Stripes Oxford some weeks ago. Much recommended though, great color and regarding softness right between the tough wearing Warzone Plus White Oxford and Classic Blue Oxford on one side and the soft Sky Blue Oxford on the other side. Similiar to Pale Pink...
You need to increase on almost all measurements. Bottom width and waist are off in a way that makes you look cartoonish. Can you even sit down and reach forward without the buttons comming off? Also, have a doctor look at your posture, your shoulders are sloping forward a lot, it looks unhealthy.
Tacky I'd guess footballer, rapper or oil sheik.
Leaves, great job on the Carmina last comparison, very helpful! The Bonafe boot is a stunner!
I have got a shirt made of the white warzone plus and like it a lot. It definitely is a tough fabric, just how I like my OCBD to be. From the swatches I received prior to ordering I think the warzone looks a clearer, "cleaner" white, while the warzone plus is ever so slightly more "off"white. Has anybody else made this observation or might it only come from the way the fabrics were stored?
Desperately waiting for a fabric like that for a long time!Would buy both in cotton and linen.I'd also love to see a tattersall like the following, but with all the stripes of the same shade of blue.http://luxire.com/products/blue-black-tattersallI know an all blue tattersall is already on offer, but the stripes on it are a lot thicker and I much prefer the thinner and therefore more elegant pattern shown above.
The C&J 363 last has such a georgous shape, very nice pick up Crat!
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