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Price drop
Price drop
Vass does not cost 800€ a pair.Loake does a lot of things right, which is why they can be sure of business from my side.There are quality shoes that aren't goodyear welted.
Like I said, other manufacturers from the same price range as Meermin do get things like stiffeners, soles and lasts right, so those are not exclusive to expensive shoes.I could have compared the shoe to a pair of Loakes I own, but to me it does not make a lot of sense comparing a pair of loafers with a pair of oxfords and the Vass are the only pair of cap toe oxfords I possess.Needless to say, the Loakes beat the Meermins hands down.
Meermin Elton in Rapello Marron suede in UK6 pictured next to Vass F in black calf in EU39,5.Both have roughly the same length.Please excuse the poor quality of pictures, it's all I can get out of my cellphone's camera at the given lighting. [[SPOILER]] The toe cap of the Elton is pretty long, which paired with the chiseled last creates a snooty appearance, that I am not after.The Elton has much less of a pronounced waist as the F, which makes him look very unpolished in...
Received a pair of oxfords from the classic collection today. It took Meermin 60 days instead of the quoted 20 to bring them to my house. Elton last looks off to me in the small size that I ordered. Color looks darker than what I expected, could be caused by my notebook screen though. Workmanship looks decent for the price but the sawn off plastic sticks which are supposed to function as shoe trees damaged the top edge of the heel. Materials are horrendous, no way I would...
I've got the FS029 boot (SF boot) of Cheaney in UK6.5F and too have the feeling Cheaneys' lasts run long in general. In case I buy a new pair of boots from Cheaney, which I will probably do because I love the current one despite it being a poor fit for my feet, I would size down not only half, but full a size in length. Sadly Cheaney makes shoes in sizes smaller than UK6 only MTO. They quoted me a price of GBP525 for the FS029 in that case, which I am not willing to...
Does anybody know which factories in Spain (Five Pocket Corduroy) and Italy (Most of the Sport Trousers) produce for Sid?
I think I will give both Meermin and a more contemporary chiseled and narrow last than what I usually wear a try and buy a pair of 101534. Anybody out there who owns a pair of said style and is willing to share some pictures of the shoes being worn?
I think half hip/seat/crotch is at the same time the most important and most tricky measurement to get right as well as to measure from an existing pair. Since I am not a tailor the experts of Luxire and/or your local tailor can offer better advice than I could. Maybe you would be willing to send in the pair of chinos you are wearing, a lot of people have reported Luxire does a great job at replicating and/or altering garments according to your wishes. A topic which might...
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