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No distinction between casual and formal?
What range of trouser hems/leg openings do you guys go with? I don't like my trousers to be skin tight and short, still most ready made hems wobble around my feet, so I am about to test 17,5cm for jeans and casual cotton chinos as well as 18,75cm for formal chinos and suits.
[[SPOILER]] Measurements of my feet taken according to the following links:http://www.agleathers.com/shoe-guide/shoe-last/http://www.agleathers.com/shoe-guide/foot-measurement/http://www.agleathers.com/shoe-guide/shoe-size-conversion/http://www.agleathers.com/conversion-tables/feet-length-shoe-size/http://www.agleathers.com/uk-shoe-size-width/Radius of pen used to trace feet: 5mmLeft foot:Foot measurement: 251mm-2*radius_pen=241mm (UK5.5-UK6)Joint line:...
Great looking pair! Hopefully they will be able to fix the heel slippage for you. Would you mind to share the website with measurement instructions you are refering to?
Have you received your shoes yet?
My feet match roughly the dimensions of yours and we share slightly narrow heels. I do also have a low volume toe/forefoot area though. Maker and style Last Size Source and service Fit critique Cheaney FS029 "SF-boot" 175 last UK6.5F Bought from Cheaney directly, straightforward service, a little impersonal but recommendable Both too long and roomy for my feet Alfred Sargent Kirkham 2 chelsea boot 89 last UK6.5F Bought from A Fine Pair of Shoes, very friendly, insanely...
I have noticed that traditional tailors refer to rise as outseam minus inseam. Modern businesses, no matter if they sell RTW trousers or offer MTM seem to exclusively work with front and back rise as well as inseam. What is the reason for this change in practice and how did traditional tailors balance the seam lenghts that are nowadays referred to as back rise (length from crotch to the top of the back of the waistband) and front rise (length from the crotch to the top of...
You should definitely get yourself a new pair of shoes for your birthday! Oh, and of course we would not mind if you would share a comparison pic next to your pair on the Robert last C&J 236 and 341 as well as AS 109 would be interesting rounded toe lasts to compare to too.
Indeed looks like they are Robert. http://thearmoury.tumblr.com/post/4486694843/carmina-cordovan-captoes-on-the-robert-last I have to admit the last does not appeal as much to me from different angles as he does in the first picture. @Bakes11771 you do not own a pair of shoes on Vass F last, EG 82 or 202, G&G GG06 or Meermin Olfe, don't you?
No. I like the shape of the last but am not familiar with Carmina and thought I would ask those who are. My guess would have been Robert though.
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