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What do you mean with "the best of both" in regards of a topy on top a single leather sole? As for the reason why I look for a thin rubber sole, I have a small frame and tiny UK6 feet, the pairs of boots on rubber soles with more than 5 mm thinkness, like in a single leather sole, that I own look very clunky on me. I am looking for a sleek casual shoe though, that I can wear to most occasions and under most weather conditions.
I would like to have a chukka boot made with a rubber sole but instead of a Dainite, with a thin, more dressy one like the EG "flexible rubber sole". Does anyone know if Vass can source soles like that?
I owned two pairs of APC NS in the past and liked them for their minimalistic and somewhat dressy design (no stitching, no leather patch, silver buttons) as well as their mid rise. Since I have athletic thighs and prominent knees I found their cut a little too narrow below the hips. Which brands should I look at for a pair of raw indigo as well as a white pair of jeans?
Sounds promising. I have narrow heels too and tend to slip out of my Loake Etons eventhough the length is fine, so maybe 360 is a better fit for me than 019.
Does the 360 last have a narrow, regular or wide heel?
Price drop
Price drop
Vass does not cost 800€ a pair.Loake does a lot of things right, which is why they can be sure of business from my side.There are quality shoes that aren't goodyear welted.
Like I said, other manufacturers from the same price range as Meermin do get things like stiffeners, soles and lasts right, so those are not exclusive to expensive shoes.I could have compared the shoe to a pair of Loakes I own, but to me it does not make a lot of sense comparing a pair of loafers with a pair of oxfords and the Vass are the only pair of cap toe oxfords I possess.Needless to say, the Loakes beat the Meermins hands down.
Meermin Elton in Rapello Marron suede in UK6 pictured next to Vass F in black calf in EU39,5.Both have roughly the same length.Please excuse the poor quality of pictures, it's all I can get out of my cellphone's camera at the given lighting. [[SPOILER]] The toe cap of the Elton is pretty long, which paired with the chiseled last creates a snooty appearance, that I am not after.The Elton has much less of a pronounced waist as the F, which makes him look very unpolished in...
New Posts  All Forums: