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alright this thread is getting out of control. I asked haters to not comment. I don't like Thom Browne because his line is "fashion". I honestly like it because I hate wearing socks and belts. Pants should fit without an aid to cinch them to your body. I like the 1950s slim aesthetic with the higher waisted pants and skinnier lapels. I like that the shirt and tie combos for the most part can be worn plain. thanks to everyone who gave their advice.
I'm a little under 180, proportionate, slightly athletic build. I wear TB3 in the OCBD, fits perfect. The suit is sz. BB2, the jacket fits perfect. I wear jean sz. 32-33 and the pants are a little tight(but I could button them), with quite some room to let out. Hope this helps.
I just purchased a BBBF solid gray wool suit and want to go about altering it for the TB look. I love the short pants look, but am unsure where they are supposed to sit on the waist. The rise is 12". I am 5'9" and am just wondering how close to my belly button the pants are supposed to sit. Also, I like to show the cuff of my shirts and I plan on altering the length, but should I taper the sleeves? The jacket comes with functional buttons and actually like that the...
I got some Grim Tims in dry red selvage in 33 if you're interested.
Hi are these still available?
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