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I moved in with someone I thought was a friend a few years ago and the experience was OK for a few months, but quickly turned for the worse and left a permanent bad taste in my mouth about sharing a place with someone. He was OK about bills, but he never once cleaned anything. Not dishes, not his bedroom, not his bathroom. He ruined a lot of my furniture, and what was left I didn't even want to keep anymore. He actually hoarded garbage in his room and became a complete...
I'd like to change it but I never have a free minute when I'm at home to do so and no ability to resize images when I'm not.
Started growing a beard on 6/15, can't believe it's been almost a month... Haven't gotten sick yet though.
I have mailed in jeans that I bought at BIG and they hemmed them for free and mailed them back to me really quick. The whole process only took 5 days.
Lamest GQ article I've ever seen.
Blue in Green does it on a Union Special. Will run you at least $25 plus shipping each way.
How does canvas fit in comparison to J. Crew?
I used to order them rare, but had a bad experience where the stake ended up getting cold and that was pretted screwed up. It was just a piece of cold, raw meat. Ever since them I get them medium rare, but I'm cool with the pink.
way to necro-post in a thread from 5 years ago...
I don't usually drink rum, but I need a decent bottle for the collection. Will probably be mixing with Mexican Cokes and the s/o might occasionally have a mojito. Any suggestions? Looking to spend $25-35 for a 750mL.
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