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Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Apartment Therapy is a community of fascists. Everything is over-decorated with stupid little trinkets of bourgeois Portland narcissism. Who the hell would write an entry about accessorizing your living room with a bar cart? What a vacuous approach to living. Don't forget to add a stupid apple statue on top. While some of the posts could be quite bad, not everything is over decorated. I would think... is a store, not a poaster
While it doesn't have to be as in depth as in the Big Bang Theory, I definitely echo the need for a detailed agreement, and if he doesn't hold up his end call him on it. And encourage him to call you on it if you weren't to hold up your end. particularly some of the DIYs - not sure what kind of budget you're on but the IKEA Rast hack looks epic. My fiance and I did 2 nightstands for the bedroom and they seriously look waaaaaaay nicer than $30.00 nightstands. I put some modern drawer handles on them and the look is super clean. Also, cb2 is your friend if you want sleek and modern.
I moved in with someone I thought was a friend a few years ago and the experience was OK for a few months, but quickly turned for the worse and left a permanent bad taste in my mouth about sharing a place with someone. He was OK about bills, but he never once cleaned anything. Not dishes, not his bedroom, not his bathroom. He ruined a lot of my furniture, and what was left I didn't even want to keep anymore. He actually hoarded garbage in his room and became a complete...
I'd like to change it but I never have a free minute when I'm at home to do so and no ability to resize images when I'm not.
Started growing a beard on 6/15, can't believe it's been almost a month... Haven't gotten sick yet though.
I have mailed in jeans that I bought at BIG and they hemmed them for free and mailed them back to me really quick. The whole process only took 5 days.
Lamest GQ article I've ever seen.
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