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My brother-in-law's wedding is this weekend. Despite asking him what suits we need for months he didn't give anyone a definitive answer until a week ago, a $200 polyester suit from Men's Wearhouse. I went to get measured and gave b-i-l my size as he wants to order the suits for a group discount. As far as anyone can guess he still hasn't ordered them and I fly out (destination wedding) on Thursday. I'm starting to get pissed off and when I call him out on it to my family...
After giving it some thought I think I should adjust my size to a 10D... same as my Indy boots and iron rangers, although I'm a 10.5D in pretty much everything but the Alden lasts.
not quite as dark as it looks in the pic. it's been worn pretty sparingly and looks pretty close to the one on tanner's web site with very little if any aging. asking $30 shipped + 4% for paypal in us. outside us contact me for a shipping quote size 30
camp sole is the gray sole as seen on the Oak Street site. The white one is the Vibram Christy sole which can also be seen on the website.
Cool! I'd like to go for the 10.5D trail oxford with the 2060 sole. Any idea on a rough timetable for these so I can set aside some stacks?
Found a pair of black Paxton captoe bluchers in my size at the thrift store. Picked them up as I need black shoes for upcoming wedding at the end of the month, but I normally don't wear black shoes.
exactly - they are the pair from the blog post on Starts with Typewriters.here's some more pics of mine prior to polishing:
^ They were getting pretty light until I polished them. I use only black polish on my brown shoes - prob not for everyone but I love what it does when it gets into all the scars and stitching.
Sid Mashburn - 1.5 years, just gave them first polish
Sid Mashburn - 1.5 years, just gave them first polish
New Posts  All Forums: