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I use a Fenix E05 R2, $20 on amazon. No issues, owned for 7 or 8 months, runs on a AAA, 27 lumens IIRC, and it puts off plenty of light for me. Simple and compact which is what I want on my keychain. Good luck.
This will not happen. I have to deliberately take the hook off and put it on. You will be golden - I have actually had just as good of results as with a carabiner.
finally sprung for some sunglasses
willy, I have the black kaijin hook and it does not bend through hard use, it is very sturdy. However, it is no longer black, but mostly copper with a bit of black on it. I get compliments on it and the patina, but I prefer the black murdered out look. My $.02
If this guy were to go out in public I doubt anyone would think twice about it.
^ I've got some Danner Mtn Light IIs and love em, but to me LEC seems to just be a clone of other brands. All their footwear is very reminiscent of other brands, and possibly the whole line in general haha.
Well put, and the jeans look great. Not washing any item of clothing in general is pretty gross... I think a few months in jeans is pushing it, but I'm pretty active in them.
^ plus they don't go past XL, right? People between L and XL can spring for a L and people between XL and 2XL can go for an XL. Went to check out the LEC store yesterday for the first time - love this stuff. This is exactly the kind of stuff I want and the prices are insaneley low. I think I got like 10 shirts for $150 which is crazy because at J.Crew I can get like 3 things for $150. Perfect basics imo, exactly what I need for work, but that can branch over to casual...
My fiance and I have an heirloom one from the 60s that matches our dining set, but for whatever reason we decided not to use it for liquor. I want to get one though and use it for my collection, though. Love the small blue one at CB2.
Fran of all your posts this might be the most inexcusable.
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