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I'd go for the O/W personally. Has more character from the start.
Cool! Don't forget, I need my address updated. Let me know if I need to PM or email you.
I'd kill for that long sleeve Hawaiian print shirt. Anyone know if it's still available anywhere*? edit: *at a discount
You could say that, although I did not size down. Even if I had the fabric is pretty bland and there's a weird button detail on the sleeves I'm not really feeling at all. I did like that the fabric is reversed so it's inside out and the exterior is kind of the faded side of the shirt.
Got the Hawaiian shirt yesterday. I definitely do not vouch for it, going back today.
I have not had a problem returning to a Sears that has LE but no LEC, ymmv.If worse came to worst there's a Sears with LEC about 25 mins away.
Took the plunge on the Hawaiian shirt - we'll see how that goes....
Hickorees isn't the only shop in the US carrying Kapital - Blue in Green also carries the line as well. Nice jeans, though!
this is your best bet.LL Bean Signtaure 1976 canvas hiking shoe for $89Click image to go to the product page
Can anyone tell me what shoe this is? I need this in my life.
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