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I too have some Oak Streets from the recent collab and the trail oxfords are pretty much one of my grail shoes. I've long been a fan of the LL Bean blucher moc and Oak Street does the moccasins right.. Since they came a month ago I've been wearing them every day pretty much and they are supremely comfortable.
Not if they are made out of a sustainable material like bamboo
is this a globetrotter joke?
Would Eric Holder and Barack Obama fall under that law? 300+ killed from guns they allowed to walk across the border in the hands of criminals?
At the very least you'd have a greater chance of protecting your own life, which IMO would make it worth it.No. Colorado allows CCPs as it is, and so far we don't know of anyone pulling out a gun or even having one on their person in that theater.You guys want to paint this picture that it would be total lawlessness and chaos if someone pulled out a gun to defend themselves or someone else. It was already total lawlessness and chaos. If someone walked into a theater I was...
I've had a CCW license for several years now but have stopped using it in the last year and a half or so - I've given it much consideration in the last few months especially after the Zimmerman incident. I've got 0 interest in being a wannabe cop and taking the law into my own hands and I would never go seeking out trouble.This, and other recent events (cannibal face eaters, etc) have made me rethink some things and I am going to seek out more training.
Just ordered an IWB holster and will from now on, starting tomorrow when I go see DKR.
Good call. You bum rush his behind.I'll take my chances with the gun..
Didn't they say that about Jared Loughner in Arizona too?
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