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congrats kiya! I will be in SF next month for my first trip to the west coast and can't wait to swing by and check out the newly renovated shop.
hey sleu, good to see other members in the Atlanta area wearing Oak Streets. Sizing won't necessarily be consistent among all styles, it depends heavily on the lasting uses. Also, I'm not sure if George uses moccasin construction on all styles by moccasins are know for fitting snug at first and really opening up in the width and molding to your foot. I know with my trail oxfords they felt snug at first but really started to mold to my foot after about a week. What style...
That's a pretty cool look on that last boot there. Love that you're willing to experiment with your product.
I too have some Oak Streets from the recent collab and the trail oxfords are pretty much one of my grail shoes. I've long been a fan of the LL Bean blucher moc and Oak Street does the moccasins right.. Since they came a month ago I've been wearing them every day pretty much and they are supremely comfortable.
The soles are indeed super comfortable. I've only had the shoes 3 or 4 days and they already feel like they've completely conformed to my feet. The 2060 sole is supposed to be super long wearing as well.
I'll echo froosh and say outlier as well... the price may seem a bit steep but for what you get the price is really fair. Fabric is amazing and for the heat it's about the best thing I've ever worn.
Unfortunately I'm boycotting boots these days - will have to wait for the shoe version
I'll have pics up by the weekend, the lighting the last few days has been absolutely terrible. Next for me is peanut suede trail oxford. George, could you possibly give us a status update on the cap toe oxfords? Is that still on for f/w?
^ No, I sized down half from my normal shoe size. I size down 1/2 size for Red Wings as well (from my normal shoe size). I wear: 10.5D Allen Edmonds (my true size) 10D Red Wing 10D Alden 10D Whites 11D Nike (possibly New Balance as well) 10D Oak Street 10.5D Vans + Chucks + Jacks 10.5D LLBean blucher mocs 10D Clarks 10.5D Sperry If you can think of another brand I may be able to chime in. It's finny to say I'm a true 10.5D when most of the shoes above I wear a 10D but...
sized down half (same as Alden) and they fit perfect
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