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looking to finally get mine properly hemmed (and they are about to release another UL suit pretty soon if I'm discerning Instagram properly). curious if you or anyone else have suggestions or guidance on what I should tell the tailor. there is a local person in Seattle who is familiar with the Schoeller fabrics, just need to track her down.
Jack Straw in Seattle has/had this colorway
They made those for a few years before discontinuing it around end of 2011. Taking a guess they were made between 2008-2011. They were made under the second most recent ownership group but while they are seemingly Filson durable, they didn't sell very well.
This was made in Mexico (before they went completely overseas) but the wool is US made Pendleton
With you on that- hopefully they'll be re-uping more colors before too long, hoping for the indigo and copper. i know we'll see that blacktint green in the chinos, i think those will look much better on the 60/30s than the Slims.
spring isn't even here and all i can think about is next fall. love the fabrics and that houndstooth will be mine!
what year is that Andover(?) and size?Flossing, as always.
good on you, better see some pictures!
you'll straight those out quickly as you carry it with weight and add your own little wrinkles and imperfections. my handles smoothed out quickly and are now distinctive. the more personal marks, the better.
New Posts  All Forums: