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good on you, better see some pictures!
you'll straight those out quickly as you carry it with weight and add your own little wrinkles and imperfections. my handles smoothed out quickly and are now distinctive. the more personal marks, the better.
Curious about how the length on it was for you- I had a F/W Bedford XS that was much too short, trying to see if sizing up is the way to go.
no, I really mean no stretch. given my sizing (narrow waist, athletic thighs) the Keirins fit me perfect in the 28 they way they are cut but as I mentioned, a 30 in the climbers/OGs/60-30s. I could wear those smaller in the waist but they are tight enough on my thighs that the pocket liner is very visible. I wear the Keirins 5x a week at least, mostly riding to work and the gusset crotch is key to their flexibility and not blowing out but it's definitely not stretching of...
they haven't made anything else in the Keirin cut other than the mis-cut 60/30 Loosies that are long gone. for what it's worth, i wear 28s in the keirins and am perfectly fine in 30s for the OGs, UL, Climbers, and shorts (i don' t know how this works but it does). i have what might be a similar build; skinny but have thighs- thanks to the only sports i played as a kid skiing/soccer/distance running.the Keirins have NO stretch and won't stretch like you'd expect with denim....
pretty sure those are indigo, it's an older picture. the blue-tint is too new for this
they'll remove them to 'clean-up' the site but if they aren't completely sold out, you can still search and find them. e.g: 3-ways are still plenty stocked but they aren't listed
Haven't been in at least a month but Jack Straw is having 60%+ off all F/W including EG. Worth a call to see what they have, will report if I make it there this weekend.
Whoa, super nice find! Perhaps there is someone on here that can help but honestly I'd write Filson with a few more pictures of the interior and see if they can help. They have at least something of an archive going on in their Seattle store with some garments from 1910 forward. They could at least tell you when they started making the briefcase. Please share any info you find and enjoy it, damn beautiful!
There is part of me that knows I am trying a too hard to shoehorn myself into an EG suit work as I'd like. Good to know about the FW10. I like my FW11 just a touch short but doable. I had the FW13 Uniform Bedford XS, since sold, and that was Thom Browne-esque on me. I like tailored/fitted but while it was perfect in shoulders/chest, the length killed me- barely covered my belt. I know it's intentional and works for some but just not me. Looks like I need to go back in time...
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