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The EG sizing issue seems insane. Every year the #1 question is the sizing (followed closely by who has what). It's all produced in NYC so it should be under the same QC standards- not like having different manufacturers in Thailand and China taking liberties with the measurements you send them. It's the one thing that drives me insane about EG, especially when there is only one dealer in Seattle and he doesn't carry XS and very few Smalls, despite my repeated requests. /rant
I have OGs/Climbers/SDs and none of them bag out and they are generally the same fabric. They are 97% nylon so they'll loosen up a touch but nothing noticeable- less than .25 inch at the very most but even that seems a stretch.
The classic EG workshirt in a perfect crisp blue madras. Bought new from Indigo & Cotton but summer never really came to Seattle this year. My loss, your gain. Tags still attached and has been hanging in a cotton canvas garment bag with cedar planks at bottom. $195 New $149 $139 $129 Includes shipping
I have three of these, need to raise some cash for school so the 4th has to go. Brand new! Chest Size 36-38 Body Length 27 Sleeve Length 32 We've been fine tuning and tweaking our Blazed Cotton formulation with the focus on finding the sweet spot that balances sweat resistance, breathability and good looks. For the fabric we finally honed in on what we call an openpoint oxford, a low twist variation on a traditional oxford cloth. These low twist yarns perfectly...
Brand new with tags Engineered Garments Work Jacket in Gray Herringbone. Bought this in NYC but it's a size to big for me. I haven't seen this anywhere else in this color/size in the US. Clean finished button front gray herringbone jacket / Unstructured collar with wind tab / 6 exterior pockets, 2 interior pockets with zippered closure / Single back vent / Fully lined body in black cotton twill, with rayon blend sleeve linings / 100% wool / Made in NYC/ 18" Shoulder 21"...
Folks, Anyone try the Shawl Cardigan? I'm a 36s/14.5x32 BB ESF. I'm looking at the size guide and ostensibly I should be medium based on the chest measurements but that seems unlikely. I'm usually an XS in everything these days (Outlier) but this XS is 33"? Any advice is appreciated, I'm new to Apolis' clothing- I understand there are free returns but am trying to avoid that if I can make a reasonable effort. Thanks in advance.
assuming you can't find it online, worth a call to Jack Straw in Seattle, they had quite a few accessories already.French Garment Cleaners hasn't dropped their spring EG yet but will next week, same with Odin, surely there are more to come
looking to finally get mine properly hemmed (and they are about to release another UL suit pretty soon if I'm discerning Instagram properly). curious if you or anyone else have suggestions or guidance on what I should tell the tailor. there is a local person in Seattle who is familiar with the Schoeller fabrics, just need to track her down.
Jack Straw in Seattle has/had this colorway
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