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Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Man, I'm getting old . . . Puleeezzz, I got underwear older than you are!
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I tried a new ink--Waterman Blue-black--and now, I think my pen writes smoother. Oh, do try Noodlers in walnut, one of my favorites. It is fantastic on old parchment style paper.....
Oh don't be. Divorce can actually be a great healer, if one lets it. Having been divorced once myself I can answer why they are so expensive. Because they are worth it!
Handel Violin Sonatas Some interesting urhu music. Duchin on piano when I'm driving about
Huh! I guess if you are older than 55, you are assumed an asshole anyway....
There are to many to enumerate. After 57 years one can't be alive without changing a thing or two. The most dramatic for me: 1. Leaving a military career for civilian life. 2. Returning to aviation after working on on MBA and flying a desk for four years. 3. Deciding to concentrate on musical, philosophical and spiritual pursuits and using the insights to better guide my life.
Food - Beijing is best Tourist- Beijing has more Polution- yup, Beijing wins on having the most polution, worse than Mexico City and worse than Taipei Well, two out of three ain't bad....
Shoe, ya just gotta find more 10.5Ds for me, my good man!
PM sent
Thanks for the info. I did not know this.
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