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Quote: Originally Posted by Violinist If everyone in your group treats you like a bitch, it's probably because you are one. Read what you said again, then consider changing something in your life. Are you sure you're not a violist?
Oh, this is the best video I've seen on the subject. Well done! Thank you for the link.
Quote: Originally Posted by letmebefell Is it just me, or do anyone else's ears get colder much more than the rest of the head? As long as my ears are warm I'm fine, and I don't see how a flat cap or fedora is going to get that done. A lot of body heat escapes from the head. Keep the head warm in cold weather and the body regulates its warmth better. When the body is cold, it is my understanding that it regulates blood flow keeping nearer...
I've started wearing hats. Last winter I wore several tweed flat caps and a wide brim In dy style while hunting. This summer I wore a straw western (when working outdoors in the yard) and a panama. Just recently I purchased a couple of snap brims, one gray and one brown. I've started because : 1. I think they add to a splendid look. 2. It's a revolt against the revolting, i.e. baseball caps worn every which way. FWIW, I get many favorable comments about my hats,...
Oh, no quite the contrary! I think the poly-floral ruby red vest with those lovely squared toed fashion patent leather shoes would really do it! Naturally a must have with that would be a red rubber nose and an orange wig! Honestly, I truly don't know how you could have maintained your composure in that place. My hat's off to you, sir. I would have started laughing and have walked out of the place in hysterics.
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I like my suspender pants pretty loose. Ditto here. You can get away with larger waisted trousers with braces. To me, they are so much more comfortable.
That is a nice Borsalino. That is what type of hat I was refering to as a flat cap. Very nice indeed!
How about a tweed flat cap? One is never too young to wear those and they are certainly better looking. Also might look into a Greek Fisherman hat.
You know though, if women didn't have certain er, "atributes", there would be a bounty on them........
JB, are sure you're not a pilot?
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